Word + Quiz: hyperbole

hyperbole hī-ˈpər-bə-(ˌ)lē noun: extravagant exaggeration_________The word hyperbole has appeared in 93 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Nov. 25 in “Holiday Windows Aren’t Over. Neither, They Say, Is New York” by Vanessa Friedman:If you think calling a shop window an art form is hyperbole, consider the fact that some of…

Word + Quiz: pillory

pillory ˈpi-lə-rē , ˈpil-rē noun and verbnoun: a wooden instrument of punishment on a post with holes for the wrists and neck; offenders were locked in and so exposed to public scornverb: expose to ridicule or public scornverb: punish by putting in a pilloryverb: criticize harshly or violently_________The word pillory has appeared in…

Welcoming Dr. Betty Vandenbosch as our new Chief Content Officer

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO Coursera Coursera reached an important milestone of 50 million registered learners this month. These learners come to Coursera from around the world to access a vast catalog of top-quality and stackable learning content from leading university and industry partners. We are also humbled by how thousands of learners are leaning on…

LeBron James

Which athletes do you love to watch play?

What Students Are Saying About the Role of Religion in Their...

Teenage comments in response to our recent writing prompts, and an invitation to join the ongoing conversation.

Surviving Workplace Horror: Nightmare Scenarios and Strategies for Success

For many of us, the workplace is a necessary and integral part of life. It’s where we spend a significant portion of our waking hours, striving to achieve our professional goals and maintain our livelihood. However, not all workplaces are havens of harmony and elicit thoughts of joy from employees. Sometimes, they are settings for…

Must Read

Vocabulary in Context: How Balloons Blew Up

On the brink of 40, Gev Danielian could have gotten a Porsche; he could have gambled or had too much to drink. Instead, in June 2021, he planned a prudent celebration at his home in Los Angeles and allowed himself one mild regression. He blanketed his lawn in several hundred balloons. Dozens and dozens of…

10 Tips for Teachers to Deliver Effective and Engaging Online Learning

As an educator, you know firsthand the incredible challenges you’ve had to manage since the onset of the pandemic. You’ve had to quickly pivot to remote learning and develop an entirely new set of skills almost overnight. And while everyone from teachers to curriculum designers has done remarkably well under the circumstances, the disruptions have…

Women’s Basketball

The W.N.B.A. began its 27th season on Friday with a spotlight on it thanks to the attention garnered by Brittney Griner, the center for the Phoenix Mercury who spent nearly 10 months detained in Russia last year.Griner drew attention not only to herself and the plight of other foreign detainees but also to the financial…

Novartis Extends Coursera to Friends and Family in Response to COVID-19

By Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer, Coursera The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has profoundly affected the way companies operate. In a matter of days, organizations around the globe have transitioned millions of employees to remote working to keep their community safe. The well-being of employees remains the utmost priority, and ensuring employees stay engaged while…

How One School Uses The New York Times Across Its Curriculum

Often, teachers will write to us about one or two ways they’ve used The Times in their classrooms. But this idea, submitted by Susan Shatford, a library media specialist at Marblehead High School in Marblehead, Mass., is different. It’s not just one lesson or unit, but a comprehensive overview of how The New York Times…

What’s Going On in This Picture? | Oct. 23, 2023

1. After looking closely at the image above (or at the full-size image), think about these three questions:2. Next, join the conversation by clicking on the comment button and posting in the box that opens on the right. (Students 13 and older are invited to comment, although teachers of younger students are welcome to post…

Past Stories

Word of the Day: prudence

The word prudence has appeared in 52 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on April 17 in the editorial “How to Avoid Another Global Debt Crisis”:Today’s crisis has several immediate causes: Lenders, again, ignored prudence, so some countries had been borrowing excessively and had unsustainable debt even before Covid struck. The pandemic forced…

Package and Globe

What do you think this image is saying? How does it relate to or comment on society or current events? Can you relate to it personally? What is your opinion of its message?Tell us in the comments, then read the related Opinion piece to learn more. Students 13 and older in the United States and…

Unlock the Power of Data with Python: University of Michigan Offers...

Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages, and a main driver of its popularity is data science. Due to its easy learning curve, a rich set of libraries and tools, and strong community support, Python is used widely by data scientists. The University of Michigan has launched two new Python Specializations in partnership with…

Stacks of Money

What do you think this image is saying? How does it relate to or comment on society and current events? What is your opinion of its message? Tell us in the comments, then read the related Opinion piece to learn what this illustration is all about. Find many more ways to use our Picture Prompt…

Teenagers in The Times: February 2021

Here is the February edition of Teenagers in The Times, a roundup of the news and feature stories about young people that have recently appeared across sections of NYTimes.com. We publish a new edition on the first Thursday of each month.For ideas about how to use Teenagers in The Times with your students, please see…

These Colleges Classes Are Going to Work

“Our trailer, which is booked for 47 weeks this year, allows us to take the training to businesses and directly address the region’s manufacturing skills gap,” said William Gary, executive vice president of work force, community and economic development at Tri-C. “Employers allow their employees time, and they can walk right out of the plant…
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