Learn more about what motivates current Michigan Public Health online students

Michigan Public Health students come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are driven by a collective mission to help people and improve overall public health. Michigan Public Health students are innovators and collaborators; they come to Michigan knowing the School of Public Health provides its students with the knowledge and training that will allow…

Meet Dldar Adil Muhammad, our Kurdish language translator!

To help the world combat the Covid-19 pandemic, Alison launched the course Coronavirus – What you need to know. In order to make sure that no one was excluded from accessing possibly life-saving information, Alison committed to translating the course into as many languages as possible. To achieve this ambitious goal, Alison reached out to its community of…

Word + Quiz: visage

visage ˈvi-zij noun1. the human face2. the appearance conveyed by a person’s face_________The word visage has appeared in 26 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Nov. 5 in the Opinion essay “His Face Is Unmistakable. It Is the Face of Protest” by Sara Barrett:In an article that appeared during the…

How Much Do You Trust Online Reviews?

Have you ever been burned by a bad online review? Have you ever made a fantastic discovery from a review you read online? Do you find yourself swayed by the wisdom of crowds? Or do you fear “groupthink” and trust your own instincts? The internet has democratized the ability to review. No longer do we…

Lesson of the Day: ‘Nature’s Best Poetry of 2019: Clouds’

Find all our Lessons of the Day here.Lesson OverviewFeatured Article: “Nature’s Best Poetry of 2019: Clouds” by Josephine SedgwickEvery day, members of the Cloud Appreciation Society post photos of the sky from around the world. The article explores why they stop to look up.In this lesson, you will take some time to free your mind…

How Do You Feel About Your Body?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, how do you feel about what you see? Why do you feel the way you do about your appearance? In “5 People Who Can Help You Love Your Body,” Emma Pattee writes about the importance of body positivity: If you’ve ever been on a diet, you probably…

Must Read

Are You a Worrier?

Find all our Student Opinion questions here. How much of a worrier are you? Do you generally believe things will work out? Or are you constantly thinking about what could go wrong? In “Always Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? Here’s How to Quit Worrying,” Jennifer Taitz writes about how to stop fretting and…

How to get a job as a developer

Developers have one of the most rewarding jobs out there. From synergistic, collaborative work environments to the satisfaction born out of contributing to something greater, there's a little something for everyone. Plus, the constant evolution of technology means you'll always have room to learn.If you're motivated by growth and new opportunities, a career in development…

Getting started with Codecademy for Teams

We know that learning something new isn’t always easy. So whether you’ve just joined Codecademy for Teams, are making your way through a 2-week free trial, or are adding new team members to an existing account, we’ve put together a few tips to help your team members make the most of their first week with…

What Students Are Saying About Politics in School, Who They Turn...

When I find myself struggling with my mental health, anxiety about school, friends, and even family, I always turn to my mom. She knows me better than I know myself and she always knows exactly how I feel. She had me knowing that she was going to be a single mom alone in Miami; she…

How Do You Think American Education Could Be Improved?

Find all our Student Opinion questions here. In “Teachers and Other Readers Sound Off on International Exam Results,” Derrick Bryson Taylor writes about the recent results of the Program for International Student Assessment:The test, which is given every three years, measures a 15-year-old student’s reading, mathematics and science literacy, according to the National Center for…

Meet Jonathan Davies of NuYew

Before working with Alison I was the Founder and CEO of The Training Room, one of the largest private Vocational Training Companies in the UK. During my time we helped over 10,000 people into work across a wide range of sectors from Personal Training to IT. After successfully exiting the company, I became a publisher…

Past Stories

From poverty to possibility: Microfinance in Africa

How can one cow transform a family’s life, health and financial condition? An organization founded by a U.S. sister started answering this question more than 10 years ago. Its slogan is “a hand up from poverty to possibility.” And that is exactly what is happening for many people in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Republic…

Try our new chatbot to discover the perfect course for you

The post Try our new chatbot to discover the perfect course for you appeared first on FutureLearn.

48 hours of hacking and inspiration with Pursuit

At Codecademy, we believe that learning to code is about more than just picking up a new skill. It's about transforming ourselves, our communities, and the world around us.That's why we were proud to sponsor a virtual class hackathon with Pursuit, a Queens-based organization that trains adults from under-represented backgrounds to become software engineers. In…

How great storytelling can change your career

The ability to deliver a message that inspires action is a career game-changer. But it’s easier said than done. Watching and listening to stories is one thing. But carving out your own takes confidence, and a clear sense of narrative. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s in a job interview, a team brainstorming session…

Influencing: Why it’s a Cornerstone of the Modern MBA

For today’s leaders, business is personal. Whether you’re negotiating deals, mediating relationships with stakeholders, or managing an increasingly-flexible workforce, today’s business leaders need people skills as much as analytical abilities. These “soft skills” are precisely what’s most in demand for job applicants, according to LinkedIn. With a Specialisation in Influencing, the online Global MBA from…

Lonely Dining

Students in U.S. high schools can get free digital access to The New York Times until Sept. 1, 2021.In a recent Times Opinion essay, Frank Bruni writes about the detrimental effect that the pandemic has had on the bar and restaurant industry in New York City, a struggle mirrored in many places across the country.The…
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