10 tips that can help your study better


To assist students looking forward to making the most of their learning time and achieving brilliant grades at school in the coming session, we composed a list of 10 tips that can help your study better.

  1. Make Study Goals: The most essential foundation to studying effectively starts with setting study goals. You won’t know where you are headed if don’t have any destination to reach. Set your goals. Set realistic goals. That are doable and yet challenging. Assess if you need to buck up to achieve them. If you are content with the goals, proceed to the next tip.
  2. Prepare Study Plan: Heard of, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Unless you thrive on cramming the day before the exam, create an organised study plan to utilize your time effectively. You have goals to look forward to, so design a study schedule such that all subjects receive equal attention. Calculate the time you have in hand after school (or tuitions, if any) and divide it neatly into a plan accommodating study and practice time.
  3. Adopt Novel Technologies: The handwritten study technique holds immense importance for every student but one must explore other options of learning such as online tools and study apps. These novel technologies are user-centric and infuse fluidity in monotonous study regime. It would be better though, if you abstain from hogging social sites.
  4. Take breaks: Bear in mind, to maintain an adequate concentration level, you must take small breaks in between your study hours. Take a walk, hit the gym, call a friend or gulp some refreshing fluids. Taking breaks increases concentration and improves productivity. Remember to get back to studying once your break is over.
  5. Learn lessons like stories: Stories have the power of entertaining and teaching even the smallest details effortlessly. Apply this to studies by knitting main facts into a story. Make it ridiculous or compose acronyms to remember boring formulae.
  6. Positive attitude: Your learning process is as good as your attitude towards studies. If you’ve accepted that you can’t pull it off, committing to studies or attempting to learn is like fooling yourself. Instead, focus on your strengths and keep a positive attitude towards your goals. When students think positively, their brains display enhanced activity, thereby reducing their nervousness and exposing them to fresh ideas.
  7. Team study: If you keep company with mates who can motivate you to study well, then team study is a great idea. Not only will they encourage you, but help solve doubts or problems in case you get stuck. Also, our minds works better when faced with a competition and your team mates can be your best competitors. We are talking about a healthy competition here, not otherwise.
  8. Testing times: Even had a nightmare of forgetting all your hard learned concepts the moment you see the question paper. Nothing but timely revisions can take away the fear of going blank at the sight of examination hall. Beat the stress of remembering formulae, dates, names, and facts by testing yourself through quizzes. The more you revise and take regular tests, the better are your chances of faring well.
  9. Strike a Healthy Balance: Struggling to get enough sleep or losing out on nutrition! To study better, one has to strike a perfect balance between physical and mental strength. Next time your mom reminds you of eating on time, take her seriously. Eating right and apt will boost your mental vigour besides preparing you to endure exam stress and follow your study plan more effectively.
  10. Study location: Your study location must be quiet and away from distractions. You can try sitting at different places and see which one works for you.


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