176 Writing Prompts to Spark Discussion and Reflection

176 Writing Prompts to Spark Discussion and Reflection

Each day of the school year we publish a Student Opinion question inviting students to share their own opinions and experiences in response to New York Times stories on the news of the day. To introduce each question, we provide an excerpt from a related Times article, interactive or video as well as a free link to that piece.

The 176 questions we asked during the 2023-24 school year are available below and in this PDF. The prompts are organized into three sections: questions that lend themselves well to persuasive writing, questions that encourage narrative writing, and additional Student Opinion forums.

Teachers can use these prompts to help students practice narrative and persuasive writing, start classroom debates and even spark conversation between students around the world via our comments section. For more ideas on how to use these Student Opinion prompts in your classroom, you might consult this comprehensive teacher’s guide, which includes practical strategies from a dozen educators.