19 New Year’s Resolutions For Your 2019!


Jan 1, 2019

By Rahul R.

Happy New Year! Well done, you got through 2018. Was it fun? Was it tough? Were there good times and bad times? I’m sure there were, every year is different and every year can bring lots of good and lots of bad. Some of this is beyond our control, and we just have to accept that life isn’t always easy. But one thing is in our control: what we decide we want to achieve.

Even if the world gets in the way and we don’t achieve it in the end, we can decide what we want to happen in our lives. This doesn’t have to be completely ridiculous (I’m not hoping to grow a tail this year) but it doesn’t have to be too serious either (I’m also not dreaming about getting to work on time every day). It’s just really nice to have some fun and possibly achievable dreams on the horison.

So, to help you choose your New Year’s Resolutions this year, here’s a list of some ideas. They are probably not all for you, but maybe there’s something just right for you in there. Have a look, and Happy New Year!

  1. Build something small out of wood
  2. Design a logo for a company that either exists or should exist
  3. Make a big picture using only three colours
  4. Visit one new country and order a drink in their language
  5. Get better at persuading people
  6. Eat something that you grew yourself
  7. Submit a picture to a photography competition
  8. Fix something in your home
  9. Learn an instrument
  10. Sign up to a marathon
  11. Find one new way to destress
  12. Teach someone something
  13. Write a short story
  14. Find out what a carbohydrate is
  15. Master three yoga poses (my favourite is The Crow)
  16. Swim more, or start swimming
  17. Submit an opinion piece to a newspaper
  18. Make your résumé look really great
  19. Every month or season, think of new great goals!


And don’t forget, you are so much more likely to achieve your Resolutions if you do them with somebody else. So share this list and see which of these your friends might like to do with you!

Author: Alison Marketing