5 Really Great Ways to Find Inspiration

5 Really Great Ways to Find Inspiration

Jan 4, 2019

By Priya P.

When’s the last time you felt really inspired? Did it happen this week? This month? Last year? Sometimes, we can go through long periods without feeling any great boost of inspiration. That’s nothing to worry about, life is just like that sometimes. But recently I realised that it had been a really long time since I had been able to find inspiration, and I thought “is there a way to change that?” It turns out, there is.

Most of the time inspiration takes you completely by surprise. But there are actually things you can do to invite a little more inspiration into your life. Discovering this was a lovely boost for me- it is just really nice when something comes along that makes you go “Wow”. What’s more, if you can find inspiration then that can be the great kick you need to start doing something really fulfilling. So, here are a few tips that you can use to find inspiration a little more often.

1. Walk with a camera

Most of us have a small walk at some point in our day. And if you don’t, try to squeeze in a walk on the weekend, it’s great for your health! When you take your walk, whether it’s through an urban centre or out in the countryside, bring a digital camera. Trying to take the perfect shot of your surroundings is a great way to bring out the beauty and spot what’s inspiring in any place.

2. Design your ideal tattoo

You don’t have to get a tattoo! But designing the tattoo you would get, can actually be a great source of inspiration. Try to design an image that really means something to you. Maybe it represents you, or is a reminder of a big event or important person in your life. Whatever it is, just thinking about it can bring a little inspiration to mind (even if you have no intention of getting the tattoo!).

3. Books books books

You only live one life, but with a pile of books you can get inspiration from the lives of thousands of others. There are so many amazing authors and texts out there full of incredible and inspiring stories. Check them out, and get a little bit of wonder into your day.

4. Discover history

Fiction can be so moving, but true stories can be even better. Learning about the real things that incredible people did during important and really interesting periods in history is a great source of inspiration. And by looking at the past, you can learn so much about your future.

5. Find art you love

A great piece of art can evoke powerful emotions when you look at it. Different people find inspiration from different art, so introduce yourself to a nice wide range of artists and discover which type of art makes you feel something strong.

With these little tips, you can invite some more inspiration into your life. That can be a really nice boost that makes life a bit more enjoyable. So give it a go, you never know what you might find!

Author: Alison Marketing