9 Techniques for Learning Agility in an Era of Disruption

9 Techniques for Learning Agility in an Era of Disruption


Over the next few years, the work you’re doing now will change or disappear altogether. Use these 9 strategies to think, learn, and adapt your way to volatility and disruption. From mindset, learning less, using mental models, right through to developing the ability to unlearn.



I’m a Learning & Performance Geek with a passion for helping to empower people and solve challenging problems.
I’ve created an app called Learn2Learn to help people future-proof themselves with the super-skill of learning.
In my day job at DeakinCo, I use design thinking to take the lead creative role delivering 70:20:10 performance solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies.
In my spare time, I’m an award-winning fiction writer and hobbyist multimedia designer. Most importantly, I’m a proud dad to 3 eccentric small individuals who, along with my wonderful wife and life partner, have taught me more than anything else in the world.

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