Announcing the Winners of the C++ Community Challenge

Announcing the Winners of the C++ Community Challenge

C++ Community Challenge Prizes

When we launched Learn C++ Module 5: Vectors and Module 6: Functions, we also kicked off a month-long C++ Community Challenge—an opportunity for C++ Pro learners to team up and build something amazing together.

The project was open-ended, and each team’s submission was judged based on:

  • Use of C++ vectors and functions in code.
  • Collaboration.
  • Originality and readability of code (original code solutions, use of style conventions, use of comments to keep things legible).

Several of you found buddies across the globe to tackle the challenge. 🌍

You told us about the amazing efforts you put in, coordinating calls and screenshares, working together on GitHub. We are so impressed with the work you did…

Finding partners on the CLL slack channel

And the results are in!

1st Place 🏆:

HomeCook Recipe App
Using the HomeCook recipe app to find salmon and kale-based recipes

Built by Eric from California, USA and Sinan from Istanbul, Turkey, this recipe finder especially wowed us.

Check it out on GitHub.

We asked Eric about his experience working on the challenge and translating his learning into a standalone project:

“I learned that I needed to learn a whole slew of things:

  1. How to use XCode
  2. How to use Debugger
  3. Common Workflow steps/documentation – this I think would be very beneficial to get people on the same foot, and help initiate collaborations.”

Runners-up 💪:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: A text adventure game featuring a bartender and a dragon.
  • TrafficFare: An updated MTA fare calculator.
  • Choose Your Path: A text adventure game featuring a cave-dwelling bear.

So, what did Eric and Sinan win aside from bragging rights? Codecademy hoodies and Arduino Unos!