Benson Samuel: “Alison courses have the best curriculum.”

Benson Samuel: “Alison courses have the best curriculum.”

“My name is Benson Samuel. I am from India and I am presently working in Kuwait as a safety officer. I have been studying with Alison for two years now.”

How did you learn about Alison?

I came across the website when I was searching for free online courses on Google.

What was your first course on Alison, and why did you choose it?

It was a safety course and I chose it as it was related to my job.


What’s your favourite way to relax from studying?

To take it easy on Friday and the weekend.


What’s next for you, in terms of education or work?

To enhance my career and to continue to learn new things about new subjects.

What would you say to someone if they asked you about Alison? Would you recommend it and why?

Alison is the best because it gives you full access to many subjects to study. I recommend Alison because their courses have the best curriculum.