Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)

Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)

Last week, I had a post on LinkedIn, whereas I noted by country and continent (not all) the best learning system.  Numerous readers contacted me and asked if I could post it on my blog, and if I had any additional countries, etc. – which the answer is a big yes.  Please be aware that I do not have every country listed.

Reasons include that the country itself does not have a system based there, I am still reviewing multiple systems in that country or it is difficult to identify a system based on say, country challenges – an example would be China, whereas it is difficult to see a system based there (beyond say Hong Kong).

And as in previous, if the system can be found in FindAnLMS, my new learning system search and compare platform, It will be noted by (YES). 

To learn more about them, including reaching out, viewing, etc. – I strongly recommend registering today to use FindAnLMS. Extensive listing of features, pricing information, user ranges, implementation time frames, videos, scheduling of demos and more, are right in the product – 100% FREE. This is why, there are no direct links to the individual web sites listed below (in case, you are wondering).  

Some of the countries, will have multiple vendors in a rank.  And some will have it first by country, followed by region, for example, breakdowns for UK, then the best in the UK.

Europe overall, then some of the countries in Europe.

United States – a listing of the top nine.  Why not 10? Out of the box rankings here.

Let’s Begin.

United States

  1.  eLogic Learning (YES)
  2. Litmos by SAP (YES)
  3. SumTotal Learning Management (YES)
  4. Schoox (YES)
  5. Spoke (YES)
  6. Cornerstone Learning Suite (YES)
  7. GyrusAim Learning Cloud (YES)
  8. Instancy On Demand (YES)
  9. Brainier LMS (YES)

The initial list only cited LMS vendors, if I was to include LEP/LXP, the new rankings would list Degreed (YES) in the #7 spot, and thus GyrusAim would go to eight and so forth (thus making 10 vendors). At number 11 would be Torch LMS (soon to be in FindAnLMS – by Jan. 2019).


Part of the challenge by country, is that for some vendors their HQ is in another country, but then they have an HQ for a certain part of the world, in another country.  Case in point is Docebo.  Docebo’s global HQ is in Italy, but they cite now Toronto, Ontario, Canada as their HQ.  In this situation, I selected Canada for them, as I believe they themselves see Canada as this global HQ (as noted from them, directly by an e-mail sent to me).

Overall Canada –  Docebo (YES)

Eastern Canada

  1. Docebo (YES)
  2. Axonify
  3. SkyPrep (YES)

Western Canada

  1. ShiftIQ (YES)
  2. Absorb LMS

Argentina – Wormhole

United Kingdom

Overall – Growth Engineering (YES)


  1. Growth Engineering (YES)
  2.  Unicorn LMS (YES)
  3. Fuse (YES)
  4. Learn Amp LEP/LXP (YES)
  5. Agylia (YES)
  6. Tessello (YES)
  7. glo Learn (YES)
  8. Kallidus (YES)
  9. Looop (YES)
  10. Frog Learn (K-6 system)


  1. Kokm (YES)
  2. Create LMS (YES)

Northern Ireland



Europe (EU)

Overall – CrossKnowledge (YES)

Ireland –  LearnUpon (YES)


  1. CrossKnowledge (YES)
  2. Syfadis Experience (YES) – They only do business in France at this time.

Germany – IMC AG (YES)

Switzerland – Coorpacademy (LEP/LXP) – Yes

Poland – LearnWay (YES)

Bulgaria – Melon LMS (YES)


  1. Knolyx (YES)
  2. Ascendia

Italy – eXact LCMS (YES)


  1. Dokeos (YES)
  2. MySkillCamp

Portugal – MOC

Spain – Still reviewing – demos are being scheduled

Nordic Region

Overall – Eurekos (YES)


  1. Springest Go (YES)
  2. aNewSpring (YES)


  1. Eurekos (YES)
  2. LMS365 (YES)

Sweden – GRADE

Norway – itslearning


Overall  – Still assessing at this point, due to discussions to see other systems in say, China, for example.

Japan – brandacademy

South Korea  – Classting

Australia – ELMO

New Zealand – Totara LMS

Other Countries


  1. UpsideLMS (YES)
  2. Abara (YES)

Cyprus – Courselle

Malta – The StudentCampus

Israel – Myquest (LEP/LXP) (YES)

Russia – iSpring Learn

Algeria – UniCoorp  (Not available worldwide)


Speaking of Award winners, here is my list for the best in various categories that are non Learning System.

Best E-Learning Product for 2018Virtway

This platform/tool packs a wallop.  From the Product Showroom where you can add courses, content including videos, PDFs, documents, to 3D Interactive for Skills Building, Safety training (for example), to conference rooms to theaters for presentations (in real-time) with folks asking questions via voice, appearing as avatars (in fact you can do this thru the entire product) and much more.  Simply speaking, was I saw this, I said “WOW!”

It can be a standalone or integrated into an LMS or other learning systems.  The web site doesn’t do it justice.  I have asked the vendor to post a video on YouTube that shows the product with items listed above, and they are working on it.  Once I have a link, I will attach it to this post.

Top Three Authoring Tools for 2018  (in ranking order)

  1. dominKnow  – I do not why they note functionality including an LCMS, because they are not.  This is a robust SaaS authoring tool.  Integrates well with various LMS and other learning systems, can also be a standalone.
  2. Knowbly – A new player to the corporate space. Has a built-in content management system for your RLOs and other assets.  Beginners can use this product, but advanced folks can really push the envelope.   A must for folks who use a toolbox of other learning tools including additional authoring tools.
  3. gomo learning– Strong SaaS authoring tool, but I am still baffled on why they have a built-in LRS, when you know the product could be more driven and focused on authoring tool features other vendors have yet to install.  I equally have a concern that they may eventually see themselves as a hybrid LMS (see LRS as a factor).  Also appears as part of the PeopleFluent Learning System. 

Best Web Conferencing Tool

Zoom –  Not even close.  I use it and love it and plenty of other folks I know, including a nice set of LMS vendors use it as well.  Litmos by SAP has it as an integration, ready to go.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it. 

The best by country.  Along with additional award winners, including best product for 2018.

What’s next you may ask?

Well besides the New Year,

The Top 50 Learning Systems for 2019, coming at the end of January.

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