Business Video Application Tips

Business Video Application Tips


Many business programs, including Macquarie Graduate School of Management’s Global MBA require a video submission as part of the applications process.

The Global MBA asks for a “personal statement video (maximum length of one minute) covering a brief introduction of yourself, why you are interested in the Global MBA, and your expectations of the program.”

Don’t feel camera shy! A video is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the admissions committee, put your overall application package into a more personal context, and let your energy and enthusiasm shine.

Here’s some advice to help you create your video:


Content Tips

  1. Be yourself: let your personality and communication style shine

In addition to academic and professional qualifications, the admissions committee is looking for students who will bring their unique energy and perspectives into the online MBA classroom. Beyond your ability to handle the academics, the committee will be looking for how  you will engage with fellow students and professors both inside and outside of class — and in an online MBA program, much of this will be through video.

  1. Don’t spend too much time re-hashing material

You only have a limited amount of time to make an impression with your video, so don’t waste it going over material that is already covered in other parts of your application. Instead, use the video as a chance to provide new information or additional context.

  1. Take the perspective of an admissions officer

Ask yourself, “What is the main thing I want the admissions team to take from the video?” Are you accurately representing who you will be when you’re enrolled in the programme? Think about what the admissions officer might be seeking — what are the traits of someone who would do well in an online MBA programme? How can you demonstrate your communication skills, creativity, motivation, and resourcefulness?

  1. Structure your story with a clear flow of ideas

Before you start recording, create a basic script for your video that consists of a logical flow of topics. You want each point to lead naturally to the next. Speak about your past activities by describing actions you took and the results you helped generate.

  1. Be Creative

Give us an insight into who you are by showing us your creativity in your video. Beyond your other application materials, the video is your opportunity share who you are as person, what motivates you, and what you can uniquely bring to the programme.


Production Tips

  1. Prepare your set

Where are you going to record your video? Take lighting, sound, camera angle, and background into account. Make sure that you are well lit and visible – don’t sit in front of a window, for example. Make sure you record in a quiet place so your voice can be heard clearly – ideally not in a public place like a coffee shop. Avoid camera angles that are excessively high or low as well as any visual distractions in the background. Most importantly, find somewhere you are comfortable. A well-prepared set will demonstrate of your thoughtfulness and and attention to detail.

  1. Maintain natural eye contact with the camera

Treat the camera as if it was a person. The moments when you look at the camera make the viewer feel like you are looking at them.

  1. Speak naturally and use your body language

As we get excited, it’s natural to speed up our speech or fidget. The pressure to speed up is even stronger when your video has a short time limit. However, make a conscious effort to keep your speech at your natural pace. Pay attention to your posture and body language: avoid slouching or awkward movement. Non-verbal communication is key, so make sure you display your confidence and enthusiasm.

  1. Practice to get familiar with your own content

Be sure you know what you want to say and make every word count. Try to avoid reading from a script (instead, ask a friend to hold up cue cards for you, or even hang a poster behind the camera). You want your video to come across as natural and conversational, so try to strike a balance between improvisation and prepared remarks. You want the admissions committee to get to know what it’s like to spend time with you.


Best of luck with your MBA applications!


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