Celebrate National Coding Week with FutureLearn

Celebrate National Coding Week with FutureLearn

Join a live coding Q&A with Raspberry Pi

At 13:00 UTC+1 on 18 September 2017, we’ll be running a live coding Q&A on Facebook with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This UK-based charity provides low-cost, high-performance computers, to help people learn, solve problems and have fun.

Raspberry Pi already offers a range of coding courses on FutureLearn. Educators James and Laura will be on hand to share top tips, answer your questions and chat all things code.

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Attend a beginners’ coding class at FutureLearn HQ

If you are over 18, live in London and want to learn to code, come along to FutureLearn HQ in Camden at 18:00 on 18 September 2017 for our beginners’ coding class.

Members of the FutureLearn team will take you through an interactive, hands-on session. You’ll get to see the code behind your favourite websites, find out how it can be manipulated, and create your own webpage using HTML and CSS.

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Join an online programming course

Throughout the week, you can join all sorts of online programming courses on FutureLearn. You could:

To find out more, visit the National Coding Week website or read our new career advice on how to become a developer.