Coding Courses: from beginner to advanced

Coding Courses: from beginner to advanced

In this post we share some of our great coding courses, from courses that will show the ropes, to course that will help you polish your skills.

I’m a beginner…

Try Data Mining with Weka

✓ Good if you work with lots of data
✓ Get an intro to machine learning
✓ Download free Weka Software

Try Creative Coding

✓ Create designs and art using code
✓ Learn a bit about the history of design, and think about the future
✓ Think about the relationship between people, machines and creativity

I have a bit of experience…

Try Learning to Code Electronic Music Tools with Javascript

✓ Use Javascript and Web audio API
✓ Build a drum machine that can playback drum samples
✓ Get an intro to key components of computer music software

I have a lot of experience…

Try Concurrent Programming in Erlang

✓ Combines theory and practice
✓ Taught by University of Kent, who have 30 years experience in functional programming
✓ Learn the life-cycle of an Erlang process

Try Managing Big Data with R and Hadoop

✓ Get an intro to high performance computing for big data analysis
✓ Learn basic clustering, regression and classification
✓ Understand the basic problems of supervised and unsupervised learning

None of these for your? Browse all our courses about digital skills.