Conducting Research Projects in Collaboration with Teachers

Conducting Research Projects in Collaboration with Teachers

These examples show that applied research is important and more applied research is needed. It can point researchers to limitations of research findings and at the same time motivate new research questions to tackle. Thus, applied research does not only help to provide teachers and students with practical tips, but also informs research itself.

Applied research can be messier – particularly coming from an experimental research background – because you cannot control for all variables you’d wish to control for. However, the practical implications are higher. In addition, collaborations between researchers and teachers in this research field is – in my opinion – the way to go and should be a focus of the research agenda.

Peter concluded with a twist of a quote by Bjork, Kornell, and Dunlosky (1) who stated that “effective learning can be fun, it can be rewarding, and it can save time, but it is seldom easy.” Peter stated:

“Applied research in the classroom is fun, it is rewarding, and it is time well spent, but it is seldom easy.”

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