Considering a Career in Healthcare? Check out these Exciting Opportunities!

Considering a Career in Healthcare? Check out these Exciting Opportunities!

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of our healthcare systems in an unprecedented way. Many of us have had firsthand experience of the care and dedication of health workers over the last 18 months. They have proven an inspiration, in more ways than one. 

Many individuals have been invigorated by their example to pursue careers in the healthcare sector, a varied and exciting area that is constantly developing in accordance with the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs. If you’re been inspired to choose a career in healthcare, then check out these exciting opportunities, selected from the Alison Career Guide.


A healthy diet is one of the most effective preventative medicines available. Good nutrition boosts your immune system and helps protect you from all manner of illnesses, as a good diet means you’re better prepared to fight infection. Dietitians have the joy of helping patients enact changes in their eating habits that can truly alter their lives. You’ll also find yourself with opportunities to work in a wide variety of exciting sectors besides healthcare, such as sports and catering. Our Diploma in Human Nutrition is the perfect place to start your training in this rewarding career.

The local GP is a community cornerstone. Besides offering medical advice to the community, their presence also provide assurance and stability. This makes being a GP an exceptionally satisfying job, though a demanding one. GPs need to have expertise across all fields of medicine in order to be able to accurately diagnose their patients. We have hundreds of essential healthcare courses to help you build up your medical expertise but the best place to start your GP journey is with our Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology.

While doctors, nurses and other frontline medical staff are the public face of the healthcare sector, there are hundreds of other careers that are vital for this industry to operate effectively. A hospital is an organisation like any other and is incredibly complicated to run. Health Service Managers thus need to be efficient, organised and trained in the latest management skills and software. By taking our SAP ERP Logistics Overview course, you’ll learn the skills you need to coordinate the various moving parts of a healthcare institution.


The job of an Emergency Medical Technician is a hard one. But it’s also exhilarating and inspiring. As a first responder you need to be calm, confident and prepared for all eventualities. Emergency Medical Technicians often speak of having a vocation to help others, and this devotion to your work is a must. If you’ve got the commitment, then the next step is to take our free course in CPR, AED and First Aid, which will give you a great foundation for this worthwhile career.

A Head Nurse has to juggle all of the usual medical demands of hospital work, while also managing their team to ensure patients receive the best care and appropriate attention. You’ll need to be compassionate and coordinated, caring and organised to successfully navigate this career. Head Nurses don’t just have to care for their patients, they also have to monitor the wellbeing of their nursing team, to make sure that they’re coping with this often high stress profession. Our Diploma in Clinical Nursing Skills will set you on the right track to becoming the perfect Head Nurse.

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