Coursera and Google Cloud Partner to Address Cloud Security Skills Deficit

Coursera and Google Cloud Partner to Address Cloud Security Skills Deficit

Virtually every company has transitioned to some form of cloud to enable a more agile and efficient business operation. With all the benefits that come with the cloud, businesses also need to proactively plan against any potential information security threats. However, a short supply of skilled talent and training has left tens of thousands of well-paying cybersecurity jobs unfilled and most businesses are struggling to deal with the growing concerns of attacks and breaches.

To address this rising skills shortage and enable secure cloud operations well into the future, we’re excited to collaborate with Google Cloud to launch the Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization, a four-part course series that will equip security-focused technical professionals with the latest knowledge of security controls and techniques on the Google Cloud Platform. This Specialization is designed for professionals with a base understanding of Google Cloud fundamentals and a background in cybersecurity, including cloud information security analysts, architects, and engineers as well as information security and cybersecurity specialists.

“With more businesses moving their critical assets onto the cloud, information security has become more critical than ever to the success of all Google Cloud users,” says Rochana Golani, Director, Google Cloud Learning and Enablement. “We’re excited to collaborate with Coursera to add this Specialization to our growing suite of courses dedicated to equipping professionals around the world with the cloud expertise they need to protect and grow their businesses.”

Through recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, this Specialization enables learners to:  

  • Validate their ability to design and implement a secure infrastructure on GCP.
  • Explore and deploy the components of a secure Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution, including Cloud Identity, the GCP Resource Manager, Cloud IAM, and more.
  • Learn mitigations for attacks at many points in a GCP-based infrastructure, including Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, phishing attacks, and threats involving content classification and use.

This Specialization is an important resource for those working toward Google Cloud’s Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification launching today, which is an industry-recognized validation of an individual’s ability to design and implement a secure infrastructure on GCP. The Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization is yet another major milestone for Coursera and Google Cloud in bringing high-demand industry content to learners around the world. With a total of nine Google Cloud Specializations on the Coursera platform today, we’re thrilled to provide learners with end-to-end training in critical technologies, taught directly by Google Cloud experts.

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