Coursera Introduces Amazon Alexa Skill to Support Learning Goals

Coursera Introduces Amazon Alexa Skill to Support Learning Goals

By Alex Sanchez, Product Management, Mobile Experiences and Emerging Technology at Coursera

Today, we’re excited to announce a skill for Amazon Alexa that will help learners keep up in courses and achieve their personal and professional goals. Starting next month, learners can access course assignment and quiz scores, due dates, and progress updates by simply asking Alexa. This is one of the first skills for Amazon Alexa from an online learning platform.

Voice assistants, like Alexa, are being adopted faster than almost any other technology to date. Over a third of American smart speaker owners use their devices to help keep them on track and organized, which includes setting alarms, timers, and scheduling. Recognizing these trends, we designed a skill for Alexa to help learners stay organized with easy-to-access deadlines, grades, and course progress updates. The new tool builds on our current cross-platform compatibilities on desktop, mobile, and tablet. 

In the coming weeks, learners will be able to search for the free Coursera skill in the Amazon Alexa Skills store. Once enabled and linked to Coursera, you’ll be able to simply ask, “Alexa, when is my next assignment due?” or, “Alexa, ask Coursera, am I making progress?” And by the end of the year, “Alexa, what did I get on my computer science quiz?” Responses will provide updates based on the latest information in the learner’s Coursera account. 

Our new Coursera skill for Alexa will be available to all learners with a Coursera account and Amazon Alexa-enabled device in October. By introducing a new tool that helps learners fit education into their daily lives, we’ve taken another exciting step toward our mission of providing transformational learning experiences to anyone, anywhere. 

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