Coursera Launches New Employee Benefit to Cover the Full Cost of Master’s Degrees

Coursera Launches New Employee Benefit to Cover the Full Cost of Master’s Degrees

By Rich Jacquet, Chief People Officer

Learn, change, and grow is our mindset at Coursera, and we take learning seriously. Employees have had free access to more than 3,600 courses and certificates on the platform since 2017 and have completed thousands of courses over the years — from the blockbuster AI for Everyone to A Crash Course in Causality: Inferring Causal Effects from Observational Data. Now we’re taking the next step in our learning journey: Starting this week, Coursera will cover tuition for all full-time employees who are accepted into degree and MasterTrack programs on the platform.

With this new benefit, Courserians will develop career-transforming skills — and earn the credentials to prove it — while they grow our company and its impact. They’ll also better understand the experience of degree and MasterTrack learners on our platform, which will further innovation and improve product offerings.

“This is beyond generous and a beautiful reflection of Coursera standing by its mission and putting the betterment of all people first,” Stephanie Hale, Coursera’s head of brand and creative, said. Coincidentally, Stephanie had just started to browse some of the courses in the iMBA from Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

The new benefit launches with a great selection of programs that Coursera employees can apply to from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

“Just like Coursera’s enterprise customers, we’re focused on helping our employees develop the skills that support their career goals and will serve our company well into the future,” Ian Stuart, Coursera’s director of learning and development, said. “I can’t think of a better or, for us, more obvious way to do that than to offer top programs from some of the best universities in the world.”

I look forward to seeing how Courserians who enroll in these programs will grow their knowledge, advance their careers, and accelerate their impact at our company. And if you’re passionate about learning — at work, and from some of the world’s best universities and industry educators — then you should join us. Coursera is hiring, and this year was again named one of the top startups to work for.