Courses the Coursera Team Loves

Courses the Coursera Team Loves

Jon W. Software Engineer

Learning How to Learn from McMaster University and UC San Diego is one of the best courses, because it’s a great example of what Coursera has to offer! It’s a great way to prepare you for studying topics of all kinds on Coursera –– it’s meta like that.”

Jenny W. Product Manager

Effective Altruism from Princeton is a great course for anyone who’s interested in becoming a more ethical person and who’s considering what it means to live an ethical life.”

Jade W. Learner Services Manager

Leadership Through Social Influence from Northwestern University is my most recent course, and I’ve been recommending it to friends. Professor O’Keefe’s lectures are really engaging and interesting. I also had a great time taking Modern & Contemporary American Poetry from the University of Pennsylvania. That course has built an incredible community, and it was inspiring to join such a kind, dedicated, diverse group of people. It was a fun challenge for me to read, interpret, and write about poetry, as that’s not something I’m used to doing.”

Kyle C. Enterprise Content Expert

“The Executive Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University was incredibly helpful in giving me baseline knowledge of what data science is and how it works. Giving Helpful Feedback from the University of Colorado Boulder was immediately applicable in my work; Digital Transformation from the University of Virginia helped me think about how to advise our customers, who are being digitally disrupted in their own markets; and Business Metrics for Data Driven Companies from Duke University was a great refresher on my early consulting days. What’s next for me? I’m currently working on Managing Big Data with MySQL from Duke University and Introduction to Public Speaking from the University of Washington.”

Alexandra U. Teaching & Learning Specialist

“I took so many courses, it’s hard to choose just a few to recommend! I really enjoyed A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment from the Indian School of Business because the videos were engaging and interactive. The instructor beautifully intertwined anecdotes and stories with research insights, making his video lectures interesting and applicable to real life. I also liked Python for Everybody from the University of Michigan because it gives you such great coverage of the basics and by the end of the Specialization, you’re writing complex programs that integrate with SQL and outputting fancy visualizations. The assignments were fantastic and completing them was immensely gratifying! But don’t just take it from me — find what interests YOU and dive in.”

Abigail H. Learner Services Strategist

“I recommend Project Management from UC Irvine. It’s a very practical course with interesting presentations. The ideas I learned were immediately applicable to my work.”

Sabah B. University Partnerships

“I’m a learner first and foremost, so I’ve taken quite a few courses throughout the years — even before I joined the Coursera team! I was in marketing and communications and had my own consulting business previously, so I focused on courses that taught me about business development and entrepreneurship. A couple that stood out for me were Excel Skills for Business Specialization by Macquarie University and Data-driven Decision Making by PricewaterhouseCoopers.”

Devon B. Talent Team

“I’m taking Learning How to Learn from McMaster University and UC San Diego! It covers the fundamentals of how your brain works and processes information. I’m also excited to have started taking Design Thinking for Innovation from the University of Virginia over the holiday break. A course that has been useful in my work is Successful Negotiation from the University of Michigan. It helped me improve my negotiating skills for when I’m communicating with hiring managers, agencies, and candidates.”

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