Custom Design Feature | Ashleigh’s Education Journey

Custom Design Feature | Ashleigh’s Education Journey

Todays featured design is a website created for the awesome Ashleigh of Ashleigh’s Education Journey. Our designer, Kate, worked with her at the beginning of the year on some reworks of her original custom design. Here’s what her site originally looked like:

She really liked her overall branding, however, her site had more of blog feel and she wanted to step it up to look more like a website.

Finding the perfect style

Ashleigh knew she wanted to keep her original color palette with only a few small changes to the green and blue shades. She was also open to new logo suggestions. The main focus of her new design was a menu. She wanted it to be the focal point and full of fun & colorful icons.

Kate decided to create three different mood boards which would feature Ashleigh’s favorite colors (in slightly different shades for option #2) and different icons and coordinating logo styles. Option #2 and #3 can be seen below:

Option #1 was based on a logo Ashleigh already had and was the option she ended up going with in the end, with new clean and colorful menu bar icons. Sometimes it takes seeing other options to confirm your original decision.

Creating the website design

Creating a custom website design usually takes longer than creating a blog. Website homepages are much more advanced and include sections that feature different areas of the site. Ashleigh was really great at communicating her needs so the whole process went really smoothly. We made sure that all of her opt-in boxes were properly set up and that her post images were displayed correctly.

Here is a full-length view of the final website design:

Click here to view larger

Final thoughts

It took about a month to create Ashleigh’s new site from start to finish. We love the finished product and would love to hear your thoughts on it!

We asked Ashleigh about her opinion and it is what she told us:

How well was the vision you had in mind for your blog design implemented by your designer? Extremely well! I love my design! It turned out better than I expected.

Ashleigh S.
Ashleigh’s Education Journey

If you are looking for a custom blog or website design, visit our Custom Design Services page to request a quote.