Custom Design Feature | La Cooquette

Custom Design Feature | La Cooquette

After a busy end of the year, I finally have a chance to show you the design we made some time ago for an awesome La Cooquette! It is truly unique and colorful, like the content Maria makes. I had the pleasure of designing the new branding for her, including logo design and her blog look. This short post will give you a quick look at the creative process we went through.

Branding is everything!

As with all more extensive projects, I always start with the logo. This way, I make sure all other elements will go smoothly together. Colors and fonts used in the logo create the branding for the whole blog design, so it is essential to have them approved before making the design itself.

The main goal of this project was to create something funny, food-related, and colorful. The primary color for La Cooquette brand was teal, so we wanted to keep it in. Below are the three mood boards I send Maria after discussing some ideas with her.

All logos were well received, but there was still something missing. We decided to mix things up, and it is how we made the final mood board version. It has something from all three initial designs that makes it even cooler. Take a look at the image below for the conclusive logo look.

As you may notice, the final colors are quite muted, but they still look playful. The font we used is Sunshine Daisies, and I love its potential as it comes in various styles.

Creating the design

With the logo in place, I was able to build the design Maria wanted. We needed a layout that would showcase various post categories and show content diversity. Even though La Cooquette YouTube channel is all about cooking, you can read travel or lifestyle posts on her blog. Because of that, we needed a few post sections to showcase different types of content.

I think we did a great job with that, but let’s take a look at her previous design before I show you the results.

Before design change

Her old blog look was plain and included only a custom logo (that was really cute!) and boring. You can see it on the print screen below. With such awesome content she produces, I knew she needs something more extra.

New blog look

Here is a full view of her new design. It took us a few weeks to finish everything, but I think it was worth it.

I hope you like her blog transformation as much as I do! I love doing such creative projects and was really honored to work with Maria.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you are looking for a custom made design, make sure to contact us via our custom design services page. I would love to chat with you and discuss possible options.

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