Custom Design Feature | One Stop Teacher Shop

Custom Design Feature | One Stop Teacher Shop

Custom designs are one of our favorites. We love bringing our customers visions to life, and with custom designs, it is possible. Kristin is a former teacher turned homeschooling mama and owner of One Stop Teacher Shop. She worked with us in the past on her custom website design. It was great, but she needed a makeover to refresh her brand. We totally get it.  It is entirely reasonable that our style changes and evolve. It is even more complicated with websites and blogs as we not only change our visual preferences, but we also discover new options and functionalities.

Our starting point was her old custom design, which you can see below.

She still liked her logo and all colors, but some elements needed to be changed. She wanted her new design to be modern, functional, and eye-catching.  It was all I needed to know to start our magic immediately!

Finding the perfect style

Similar to our previous project, Kristin wanted to keep her colors but wanted to change her logo a little bit. She was curious how it will look with some small graphic elements, so I have suggested following options:

Option #1 was a hit, and with a small modification, we got a final version:

Creating the website design

One Stop Teacher Shop’s design is our first fully custom project, which includes on-load animations. We recommend checking her website to see how her homepage sections are loading.

We would love to hear your opinion about it in the comments!

The whole process of creating this custom design went smoothly. In a few weeks we coded everything from scratches and made sure all things which were essential for Kristin are there.

Here is a full-length view of the final website design:

Click here to view larger

Final thoughts

It was our third in a row custom related to children’s education, and we loved working on it! Working with such vibrant colors gives a lot of fun and lets us be very creative.

Let us know what you think about the final look!

If you are looking for a custom blog or website design, visit our Custom Design Services page to request a quote.