Digest #171: Resources for Calendars and Scheduling

Digest #171: Resources for Calendars and Scheduling

By Althea Need Kaminske

(cover image by MabelAmber on Pixabay)

Time management can be a challenge for learners at all levels. Generally, the farther along you are in your educational journey, the less your time is managed for you. You are given more independence and autonomy to set your own priorities and manage your own time – and it is assumed that you develop time management skills along the way. I think many people also assume that time management skills are somewhat static. That once you find a system you just have to stick to that system. However, there are many reasons why you may need to develop, update, or revise your approach to time management. As we go through different phases in our educations, careers, and life we experience different time pressures and shifting priorities.

This digest provides some resources for calendaring and scheduling. Whether you prefer online calendars and tools or pen and paper, I’ve gathered some resources from around the web to help you get the most out of your calendar system.

1) Google Calendar Training and Help by Google

If you have a Gmail account you might already be using Google Calendar to manage your time. Google has a really nice training and help page that covers a number of tips for how to manage and share your Google calendar.