Finding stability in the numbers game

Finding stability in the numbers game

What drew Matthew to a career in accounting was a desire to become more valuable to the economy. In his prior role in business development, Matthew felt that he was disposable in the eyes of his company. “In sales, if the economy slumps, you’re the first one to go” he says.

Matthew craved financial stability and room to progress, and felt that accounting could satisfy those needs. In a risky move, Matthew stepped out of his six-figure role to give study his full focus. He enrolled in University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Accounting, online through Open Universities Australia (OUA). Choosing to study remotely allowed him to live abroad, and maintain an income stream through a side business.

Matthew working on laptop

“I was confident that I was intelligent enough to do it, but not confident that I had the discipline to do it” says Matthew of his decision to study at university. But he put his mind to it, succeeded, and landed himself a job with one of the big-four accounting firms, after completing a Chartered Accountant qualification in addition to his degree.

Currently, Matthew is responsible for ensuring the profitability of the Sonic Clinical Services medical centres. His daily work consists of analysing the success of medical clinics, preparing reports, making recommendations, and helping identify weaknesses and opportunities. When Matthew can devise a solution to benefit the company, that perhaps even senior management hadn’t thought of – that’s what makes the job worth getting out of bed for.

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“I was confident that I was intelligent enough to do it, but not confident that I had the discipline to do it”

Accounting is a very technical role, and Matthew swears by his degree. “You wouldn’t know what to do with a number, unless you’d done the degree” he insists, “It’s not something you can pick up and run with – you need the study”. Once you’ve got the qualifications you need, a career in accounting can be incredibly rewarding, and can take you across practically any industry. The world is truly your oyster.

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Find a career that ticks the boxes

Meaningful work is something to aspire to, whether you travel down a new, cutting-edge career path, or a traditional one that’s tried and true. Ask yourself – what do you want to get out of your career? Through Open Universities Australia, you’ve got so much choice, and the ability to try on study areas for size through single subject study.

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