Frontline Workers + Online Learning – Does it work?

Frontline Workers + Online Learning – Does it work?
  • A learning system (LMS, LXP, Learning Platform, or combo) that targets the frontline worker (and yes, even gig worker, if applicable). The system has a mobile app with on/off synch.
  • Mobile app – Comes with content that focuses on the frontline employee – from what they need to do for their job to various content that provides skills and fun – remember that with learning? The app has a look and feel that embodies something a frontline worker will use.
  • Content – Some assigned – like regulations and skills for the roles – but with flex so that someone can go back in without a specific due date. Think a mix. The content should be around that specific audience – not all text, not with minimal graphics, not a page-turner – that bores people. Make it fun and engaging – I’ve done it for retail – and that target audience 16-23 loves it. Add content that brings real world. Thus, if you purchase the content, the people aren’t a bunch of 30-year-olds in a retail place talking about customer service. I can’t recall seeing a 3rd party course that presents people being nasty from a current perspective. 2005 is not the same as 2024. 
  • Add engaging activities – the key here is engaging, interactivity and fun. Again, focus on the target audience – this was a staple back in the day with instructional designers/developers who would do storyboards that you would review; it is a process. Nowadays, people use their rapid content authoring tool – to create a PPT or use Gen-AI for a text-based course. Boring with a guaranteed rate of ignore and move on.
  • Know your audience – You should have done or make sure you do – the age bracket of your audience that this is for. I find many in L&D and, yes, training. Even HR who provide training, regardless of whether it is ILT or e-learning, think from their perspective, not the person and people receiving it.

I wonder.

What type of content do you have for that?