FutureLearn Updates: Bookmarking comments and improved navigation

FutureLearn Updates: Bookmarking comments and improved navigation

Bookmark interesting comments to come back to later

If you see a comment you’d like to find again later, click the bookmark icon. You’ll then be able to find it again by selecting ‘Show: bookmarked’ in the comment filters, or in the bookmarked section of your activity feed.

Don’t worry, bookmarks are secret – nobody will know which comments you’ve bookmarked!

gif of someone bookmarking a comment on FutureLearn

Use page numbers to move quickly through comments

You can now see how many pages of comments there are in each section, and you can move through them quickly by clicking on page numbers. We hope this will make our comments sections a bit easier to sort through.

New category pages

New category pages have been launched to make it easier for you to discover relevant courses, hear what other learners think and find related blog posts.

We’ve also updated how we categorise our courses to make sure our categories are accurate:

Navigate to key information quicker on course pages

Course pages now feature a menu, underneath the main image, with links to various parts of the page. This should make it easier to find key information about the course such as start dates, requirements and the educators involved.

More information when you search

Search results now include more information, helping you decide how useful each result is before clicking on it

Want to know more about improvements to FutureLearn?

Good news – we’re going to be publishing a monthly blog post to share our updates and developments with you, and sharing our progress on our roadmap.

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