Get Inspired With These Top 10 Most Satisfying Jobs

Get Inspired With These Top 10 Most Satisfying Jobs

Jan 16, 2019

Some jobs have great pay, some offer immense satisfaction, and some make a huge difference in the lives of people. Satisfying jobs are a combination of all three!

We’ve rounded up a list of the Top 10 most satisfying jobs to inspire you towards career fulfillment.

1. Teacher – Changing young lives for the better

A rewarding, demanding and consistently popular career path – Teaching is not just a career, but a calling! From imparting wisdom into young minds, to influencing students in shaping their future, the role of a teacher is irreplaceable.


2. Nurse – The heartbeat of healthcare!

Having a career that will give you a stable financial future is crucial, but it’s also important to have a career that is personally rewarding. Being a nurse gives you the best of all worlds – personal fulfillment, job security, and flexibility.


3. Human Resources Manager – Leading people, leading organisations

Other than being involved in recruitment, company laws, and other hiring processes, HR Managers also handle workplace issues, conflicts, salary benefits and more. They directly help employees with their issues and work towards resolving problems, which brings great job satisfaction to this role.


4. Physical Therapist – Enriching the lives of people!

Physical Therapists deal with patients who are injured and journey with them on their road to becoming physically independent. They can choose a variety of work environments, like sports centres, gyms, or hospitals, making this job role not only fulfilling, but very dynamic.


5. Artist – Creativity begins with you!

According to a study published by the Journal of Cultural Economics, Artists have higher job satisfaction compared to any other profession! Being an Artist means you follow your passion. When your passion becomes your profession, it’s not work anymore.


6. Psychologist – Seeing the world differently

One of the top reasons why Psychologists find fulfillment in their careers is that they’re able to help people improve the quality of their lives. It can be challenging to understand someone’s emotional state, but truly gratifying to guide patients in their recovery from emotional distress.


7. Writer – Imagine. Phrase. Write. Create!

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Words can be powerful, both spoken and written. As a Writer, you express your thoughts through words and those words have the power to change lives! From journalism to blogging, there are many channels you can use to have your say as a Writer.


8. Health Service Manager – Changing lives through care management

Health Service Managers coordinate and direct various health and medical services. They handle several management functions in healthcare, including communications and supervision. With a great pay scale and consistent increase in job openings, it is no wonder this career path has made our top 10 list.


9. Pharmacist – Caring beyond prescriptions and medicine.

From being an excellent guide, to helping patients during an emergency, Pharmacists offer both advice and counselling. Besides helping patients tackle illness, being a Pharmacist is all about empowerment – helping others to help themselves.


10. Entrepreneur – Be your own boss

Starting your own business and being your own boss is a dream that millions of people share. A recent study found that 63% of millennials want to become entrepreneurs. Passion + Dedication + Innovation = A Satisfying Career Path!

Author: Alison Marketing