Get swept up in the language of yoga

Get swept up in the language of yoga

For Antonetta, yoga is not just an activity, but a lifestyle. She’s always looking for ways to deepen her connection to her practice – it led her to study Sanskrit, the language of yoga.

Antonetta owns her own studio, Sacred Yoga in Adelaide, where she teaches a small group of committed students. The income generated from the studio is a secondary goal, while passing on knowledge is at the core of what Antonetta does. To pay her bills, Antonetta does contract work as a production accountant for low budget film projects – the fixed-term work enables her to schedule in yoga and her latest passion project – the study of Sanskrit.

Antonetta doing yogaYoga is based upon the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, so Antonetta decided to learn the language for herself, to become more immersed in her yoga practice. Through Open Universities Australia (OUA), Antonetta was able to study Sanskrit online as a single subject, provided by Australian National University (ANU).

Although the language is not spoken widely today, it lives on in the practice of yoga, and adds another layer of meaning for those who practice. “There’s no money in Sanskrit, but we understand that we’re studying for the joy of knowledge.”

Antonetta joins her classmates once a week for an online class, and outside of that, works on her own to complete assignments on deadline. She’s thrilled to have learned to read and write the alphabet in less than a year.

Antonetta in yoga pose

Learning is not always a means to an end – it’s a joy in itself. As they say, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. So if there’s a subject you’ve been hanging out to study, why not jump in?

OUA offers a huge range of single subjects, at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. It’s university-level learning, but you’re free to take what you need, whether that’s new knowledge for your career, or knowledge simply for the love of it.

Antonetta standing in front of purple wall

To study Sanskrit online, or to express your interest in any of the courses on offer through OUA – fill out the form on this page, and a friendly student advisor will get in contact. Otherwise, head over to our website to browse over 270 degrees and 1600 subjects from leading Australian universities.