Getting Started in Industrial Engineering

Getting Started in Industrial Engineering

Engineering can be a daunting field to break into, but also a very lucrative one. Talented engineers have little issue in finding work as they are always in demand across a variety of sectors. One of the most popular and interesting fields they find employment in is Industrial Engineering, or “IE” for short.

Industrial Engineering encompasses a wide variety career paths and can offer lots of opportunities for changing lanes. However, getting started in Industrial Engineering can be a steep learning curve, but there are a few steps you can take that will give you a great chance of launching a successful career in this fascinating sector.


Start With The Basics

Industrial Engineering is just that, engineering applied to industry. It covers a wide range of topics, but put simply, it is concerned with the building and maintenance of industrial machinery. As an industrial engineer, you’ll often find yourself optimising different systems and working in a variety of sectors, however the basic principles are usually the same. Naturally, it’s vitally important that you learn all about these basic principles, as you’ll be needing them regardless of where you end up working.

Knowledge of Control Systems

A huge part of industrial engineering is the construction and operation of control systems. Examples of these include temperature, liquid level, and gas level control systems, which all play a crucial role in a variety of industries. The central principles of control systems are constant, whether it’s an incubator in a hospital or a water tank in an aquarium, making this a highly transferable skill. For this reason, learning about the operation of control valves in IE is an excellent way to improve your employability in this field.

Advanced Ideas and Concepts

Once you’re confident that you’ve mastered the basics of industrial engineering, then the next step is to tackle the more advanced concepts. These more demanding skills are ones that employers will be looking out for, so it’s worth your while earning an impressive certification in this area. Our course on advanced industrial engineering is an excellent way to achieve a valuable certification

Industrial Engineering is far from easy, but if you work hard and master these key skills, you’ll be able to make an impressive start in this demanding field.