Graduation Day: The Students of Food and Nutrition

Graduation Day: The Students of Food and Nutrition

It was a Wednesday afternoon in December, when the students of La Trobe’s Bachelor of Food and Nutrition put on their graduation gowns, preparing for the handover of their long-awaited prize. Family and friends buzzed around the campus grounds, laughing, shaking hands and offering endless supplies of heartfelt hugs.

Two graduates smilingThere’s few prouder days in a person’s life than graduation day – the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Nobody said university would be easy, but this group of young students pulled through. A number of them are planning postgraduate study, with their sights set on a career in dietetics. The atmosphere was overflowing with optimism and excitement for the future.

Graduate receiving award

The Bachelor of Food and Nutrition is available exclusively online through Open Universities Australia, and only started running a few years ago. These graduates are the first to gain this degree, paving the way for future online students, whose lifestyles call for a more flexible study arrangement, but with the same high-quality learning. While online study may have felt foreign in the beginning, the students embraced the technology, and came out on the other side, successful, and equipped for the workforce.

Graduate smiling

To these bright young graduates, we say congratulations, and best of luck. We’re confident that you’ll bring into the health industry your expertise, commitment and passion.