How FutureLearn is preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How FutureLearn is preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the strengthening of data protection in the European Union (EU) – comes into effect on 25 May 2018. The regulation will apply to all companies located in the EU or processing the personal data of any individual residing in the EU.

How will it affect you when you use FutureLearn?

As FutureLearn collects and processes the personal information of our learners all over the world, we fall within the scope of the GDPR. This means we’ve made some changes to ensure the way we handle and store your data is GDPR compliant.

There won’t be any major changes; we’ll just be tightening up the ways we collect, store, share or otherwise process any personal data. The new regulations mean that we need to let you know and understand what happens with your personal data and why, when you use FutureLearn.

You’ll also have a greater say in how your personal data is processed. We have been working to allow you to understand exactly what will happen to the information you give FutureLearn, including allowing you to give consent to receive different emails from us, as well as the data you share with us at different stages in your journey on our platform. All of this has entailed some changes, which are detailed below.

Updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to be clearer about how, when and why we process your data. We have also made some small changes to our Terms and Conditions.

Updates to the way we send emails

Soon all of our emails will be sent from rather than Add our new email address to your address book so you don’t miss out on important information regarding your courses.

We’ve also updated our email preferences so that you can choose the emails you want to receive. You can set your email preferences to choose whether you receive extra information about your courses and other relevant information about courses and products on FutureLearn.

You can also choose whether you’d like to be contacted about new courses and recommendations from our team, receive emails about research to help improve FutureLearn, and choose whether you’d like to be notified about new followers or replies from fellow learners on your courses.

You can find your email preferences in your settings page.

Child consent

In future, you’ll be asked to tell us your age when you log in so that we can identify any children using FutureLearn. You’ll only be asked this once. You must be at least 13 years old to use FutureLearn.

We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of children. In line with this belief, we have implemented additional safeguards to ensure this, but please rest assured that we do not store your age unless you are under the age of 18, and we do not ask for your date of birth.

What happens to your data if you delete your account?

If you decide that you want to delete your account, you can now request this on your account page. When your account is deleted we remove all of your personal data that we hold. This includes your name, profile information and any comments you may have left on courses. The majority of your data is removed immediately, and the process is complete within 24 hours.

Informing you about what we do with your data

In addition to our updated Privacy Policy, we have also updated the notices we display whenever we process your data (e.g. when you post a comment or sign up to a course) so that you are always fully aware of what we will do with your data and why.


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