How Karen is Updating Her Medical Knowledge on Coursera

How Karen is Updating Her Medical Knowledge on Coursera

Karen is a registered nurse working at a school in Wisconsin. She took courses on Coursera to update her medical knowledge and provide the best possible care for her students.

“Courses on Coursera helped me realize the breadth of knowledge that’s available and helped me rediscover the love of learning.”

2012 B.C. (Before Coursera)

I finished my bachelor’s degree in nursing online through the University of Wisconsin-Madison while living abroad in Eastern Europe. After graduating, I was employed as a school nurse and a community health nurse for a non-profit in Macedonia. My family and I moved back to the US in 2012. While looking for a full-time position in Wisconsin, I found I needed to update my medical knowledge. After researching my options, I turned to Coursera.

What I learned

One of my responsibilities as a school nurse is monitoring the immunization status of 2,200 students. Epidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases, the course by Pennsylvania State University, provided plenty of valuable information on how vaccines were developed, safety regulations were established, and the history and progression of the anti-vax movement. It helped me educate students and families.

Epidemics also helped me consider ways to address communicable illness at school, where we have to be more mindful of contagious illnesses like influenza, gastroenteritis, mono, the common cold, and more. I also learned about rates and methods of transmission, herd immunity, and health public policy.

From Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching, I learned classroom management tips that were useful in teaching CPR, and for leading small groups in the summer youth institute I work for.

Here are some of the courses I enjoyed:

Earning my degree

“After successfully completing online courses on Coursera, I gained the courage to start a Master’s degree.”

I discovered the MSc in Global Health Policy from the University of London thanks to Foundations for Global Health Responders, because one of the guest lecturers came from the University of London. This led me to try their courses on Coursera, which gave me the first taste of the school’s curriculum and teaching style. I took a chance and applied to their Master’s program, and lo and behold — I got accepted! Now I’m working towards finishing a major accomplishment: my advanced degree.