How You Organise Your Desk Says A Lot About You

How You Organise Your Desk Says A Lot About You

Jan 28, 2019

By Aminata O.

Whether it’s at work or in your home, there is probably a desk in your life somewhere. Most people never even think about the way they arrange and treat their desk. But these little subconscious habits of ours are actually really revealing. How you organise your desk can say a lot about you, what you enjoy, what you don’t, and what you care about.

Take a look at your desk. What do you see? Photos of family? A plant? A pile of papers? Nothing at all? How are these things arranged? And what does it all mean?! Without getting too psychological, here’s a couple of desk styles and what they say about you (or the people around you!)

1. A total mess

Papers are everywhere. Notes are scribbled on top of other notes. Pens are located more by feel than by sight. The drawers are overflowing. Maybe you know where everything is (most of the time) but anyone who dares to look at your desk would struggle to spot your file storage system. This might not bother you at all, but every now and then you may feel the urge to become a little more organised. In the meantime, don’t lose your stuff in all that clutter!

2. Everything in straight lines

Not a single pen is out of place, almost everything is stored in neatly arranged filing boxes, and everything on the desk is parallel to everything else. You are as tidy and organised as possible. While this can be a great thing, it can also be a source of stress. If you feel a little anxious sometimes, relax, maybe try a little yoga, and remember that sometimes it’s just not worth focusing on small stuff so much.

3. A blank space

Looking at your desk, you see…nothing. No flowers, no old notes, no filing boxes or pen holders. And why should you? All you really need is your screen and maybe a pen and paper. You’re the kind of person who gets straight to the point and doesn’t mess around. You’re always maximising efficiency, and you enjoy knowing how to prioritise your time so you can focus more on the important stuff, like actually working.

4. Memories everywhere

Here’s a photo of your first cat. There’s a shell you found on a beach in Mexico. Here’s a trophy from a sports day you competed in when you were six. Your desk is a little collection of all your best memories and you can’t wait to collect some more. You’ve got a visual, creative spirit and imagination, and you’ve probably got a hidden talent for photography. Keep filling up your space with great memories, just make sure you leave some space on your desk for doing some work.

No matter how you organise your desk, it probably somehow reflects one of your unique characteristics that makes you you. Now, try not to get caught spying on other people’s desks!

Author: Alison Marketing