Imperial College London’s World-Class MPH for Online Students

Imperial College London’s World-Class MPH for Online Students

Whether they’re addressing pressing global healthcare challenges or exploring issues in their home communities, the next generation of public health leaders need strong, evidence-based research skills. The Global Master of Public Health (MPH) from Imperial College London’s School of Public Health helps students develop the capabilities needed to make a positive impact with a flexible, affordable, and fully online degree program.

Global MPH students study biostatistics, epidemiology, health systems, and more while learning from world-class faculty members that shape global policy. They also build an impressive research portfolio to showcase their skills, including projects that can be submitted to peer-reviewed journals. Whether your background is in medicine, health policy, academia, or other research areas, Imperial’s program will help shape you into a leader in the field.

If you want to get a sense of how Imperial students and faculty are making a difference at the global as well as local level, check out these recent stories from Imperial Today:

  • Landmark Hepatitis C Intervention Study: In January, Imperial researchers published the first-ever estimates of the global impact of a comprehensive package of prevention, screening, and treatment interventions for hepatitis C. The landmark study, published in The Lancet, estimated that these steps could avert 15.1 million new hepatitis C infections and 1.5 million cirrhosis and liver cancer deaths globally by 2030 – equal to an 81% reduction in incidence and a 61% reduction in deaths compared with 2015.
  • Imperial Collaborations Becoming Increasingly Global: In their drive to tackle global challenges, a new analysis shows that Imperial researchers collaborated with peers located across 191 different countries in academic papers published between 2015 and 2017. The United States was Imperial’s most prolific collaborator, with nearly 8,000 publications (and a long-running partnership with MIT), but the survey also showed strong growth in countries including China, Malaysia, Qatar, South Africa, and Egypt.
  • New Imperial Campus to Work With Local Community: Imperial is raising funds to develop a state of the art School of Public Health building on its new White City campus. In addition to advancing Imperial’s groundbreaking work on global health challenges, the university and local councillors are discussing plans to collaborate on solutions to issues affecting the local community, including nutrition, loneliness, and isolation.

Imperial College London is one of the top 10-ranked universities in the world as well as the most international university in the United Kingdom, with students and faculty from more than 140 countries. This fully online program makes Imperial truly global, giving students regular access to faculty through office hours and live global classroom sessions. Best of all, the Global MPH degree is being offered at an affordable  price point, making this high-impact education more accessible than ever.