Instafame: Why influencers are good for business

Instafame: Why influencers are good for business

Social media marketing has become vital for business in the digital era and Instagram influencers have become the perfect conduit between brands and consumers.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion users accessing the platform every month. While it’s a great place to share and view images, it has also become a major marketing tool for business and individuals to make a living.

These individuals, coined ‘influencers’, will wear, use or promote a product to their followers for a fee. Chances are, you’ve seen one (or a tonne) of them on your feed before. It can’t be ignored, as more and more businesses harness their follower base to reach consumers en mass.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

Influencers promote a business’s goods, services, or a give-away to the massive audience of followers they have, leveraging their ‘credibility’, or relationship, with that audience.

Because they are a trusted source, they can help a brand become liked by a larger, or new, audience. Some influencers are already well-known names and faces in industries, like Jamie Oliver, while others have carved an entire career on the platform from the ground up.

Influencer marketing is considered so effective that 92 per cent of marketers who used influencers in 2017 found the tactic to work, and almost 40 per-cent of them aimed to increase their spend on influencer marketing.

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Who are the biggest Instagram influencers?

Given that Instagram is a platform built on images and videos – fashion, travel, health, wellness, personal beauty and photography are major industries represented by influencers.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach enormous audiences in other industries as well. Here are some of the biggest Instagram influencers and the industries they represent:

  • Food: Jamie Oliver (7.2 million followers). From his time as The Naked Chef to his modern-day crusades for healthier eating in schools, Jamie Oliver remains one of the most popular voices in food on the planet.
  • Travel: Annette White (100.3k followers). A mother, business owner and author who has shared her travels across 54 countries on her Bucket List Journey.
  • Photography: Benjamin Lowy (228.9k followers). A New York based photographer specialising in conflict and feature photography that began his career covering the Iraq War in 2003.
  • Design: Marie Kondo (2.9 million followers). Netflix signed her up for the hit show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ based on the Japanese sensation’s influence on Instagram and through her personal blog.
  • Beauty: Michelle Phan (1.9 million followers). Starting as a popular YouTube makeup artist and personality with 8.9 million subscribers, 1.1 billion lifetime views, and 385 uploaded videos, Michelle is extremely popular on Instagram.
  • Sport and fitness: Massy Arias (2.6 million followers). Massy emerged from depression relating to an abusive relationship and her brother’s health issues to become a world-famous personal trainer and source of inspiration.
  • Lifestyle: Jannid Olsson Delér (1.3 million followers). A Swedish woman living her best life, sharing photos from her travels including images of fashion, food and her training regimen.

Software you can use to tap into Instagram influencers

Seeking out the right influencer in your industry could be a time-consuming exercise, especially if you are starting from scratch.

But ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, a raft of Instagram Influencer platforms have been released to help you in your search.

‘Upfluence’ is one of the leading platforms, targeting influencers on all of the main social channels, as well as blogs. You can upload your search parameters and locate the best influencers in your industry, then monitor their feeds and gain access to their contact details.

‘NeoReach’ is another popular platform linking influencers with relevant brands. It has a database of over 3 million influencers and uses a powerful algorithm to connect brands and large companies with the right people.

Increasingly, brands are turning to niche audiences and micro-communities with the help of ‘micro-influencers’. Jules Lund’s platform, Tribe, connects brands and their specific campaigns with the right influencers in the market, leveraging users with more engaged audiences. 

So, have you made room in your marketing budget for influencers? It might be time you did.