Introducing Learn Intermediate CSS & Learn CSS updates

Introducing Learn Intermediate CSS & Learn CSS updates

We’re excited to share some updates to our CSS content! First, we have a new Learn Intermediate CSS course for learners who want to explore the language’s more advanced features and capabilities. We’ve also made several adjustments to our existing Learn CSS course to make it more suitable for beginners.

Read on for more information about the updates to Learn CSS. Plus, learn more about the new Learn Intermediate CSS course and the skills you’ll gain from it.

Our new Learn Intermediate CSS course is available for all learners and is perfect for those who have mastered the basics of HTML and CSS and want to take their web development skills even further. The course includes lessons pulled from Learn CSS and our Responsive Design Skill Path and three all-new modules.

What skills will I take away from Learn Intermediate CSS?

After taking Learn Intermediate CSS, you’ll know how to create a more sophisticated design for web pages with the Flexbox and Grid layouts. You’ll also be able to create scalable stylesheets using variables and functions.

Learn Intermediate CSS also covers accessibility and browser compatibility. By learning how to ensure a website is accessible and functional across different browsers and devices, you’ll create a more consistent and inclusive experience for all users.

Ready to take your next steps into web development? Check out Learn Intermediate CSS.

Learn CSS updates

Learn CSS is one of our most popular courses related to web development. The course teaches you the basics of using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to style HTML web pages. However, the language has undergone several changes since Learn CSS was released, so we’ve reviewed its content to ensure everything is up-to-date.

While reviewing the Learn CSS syllabus, our Curriculum Developers realized that some of its lessons were better suited for a more advanced course. So, to keep it suitable for beginners, we’ve removed the advanced material from Learn CSS and added it to the new Learn Intermediate CSS course.

We’ve also added new content to Learn CSS. The course’s first lesson is now split into two parts: CSS Setup and Syntax and the new CSS Selectors, which includes four new exercises to help build your skills.

Lastly, we want to give a special shout-out to our learners whose feedback helped us identify and resolve bugs and errors to improve our users’ experience.

How will this affect learners who’ve already taken Learn CSS?

If you’ve already completed the course, don’t worry — your certificate and progress will remain unchanged.

Learners who are currently enrolled in Learn CSS may see an increase in their progress, along with some progress in Learn Intermediate CSS. However, you’ll want to go back and complete the new second half of the first lesson to achieve 100% completion.