Join the ranks of future digital leaders with the Digital Transformation Certificate from Dartmouth

Join the ranks of future digital leaders with the Digital Transformation Certificate from Dartmouth

With the Digital Transformation Certificate from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, you can become a digital transformation leader with the skills to deliver high-impact organizational change. To celebrate the launch of this new certificate, we’re hearing from two learners who enrolled in the program’s first cohort in January 2022.  

Marcin Dembowski, an Organizational Transformation and Change Specialist based in Poland, enrolled in the Digital Transformation Certificate to deepen his understanding of corporate innovation challenges  and digital transformation. “I work in change management consulting in the academic publishing business, and privately, I’m very much involved in real estate business and residential estates building projects. When I noticed that Dartmouth College was planning to offer comprehensive certificates on the Coursera platform starting in 2022, I enrolled straightaway.”

“Digital transformation is a real challenge for organizations and, unfortunately, not many know how to handle it,” said Marcin. “Many companies are mainly focused on the technical part of it, completely ignoring other aspects.” 

Natasha Vincent, the Director of Partnerships for a national health charity, also enrolled in the certificate in January 2022. Her goal was to leverage her interest in technology and coding as part of either senior leadership or executive teams. “The intersection between communications, health, and technology is where I thrive. Enrolling in this program was a terrific way to learn about digital transformation from a variety of angles ranging from case studies to coding.”  

In today’s current world, it’s not a matter of if (or even when) learners should begin focusing on digital transformation. It’s a matter of how. 

According to McKinsey’s 2021 report, The New Digital Edge: Rethinking Strategy for the Post-Pandemic Era, 89 percent of top executives believe that by 2023, they will need to build new digital strategies or implement existing technology to stay competitive. Building up the necessary skills to help carry out this digital transformation is key for learners looking to seize new market opportunities in the future. 

That’s where Dartmouth’s certificate comes in. Over four courses, you will learn how to harness AI, machine learning, and design solutions to implement strategies in your organizations to boost innovation and streamline operations. 

“The program is very comprehensive and delivered very well, all four subjects,” said Marcin. “Of course, having a chance to watch the live session with Professor Geoffrey G. Parker, academic guru of the platform business strategy, was an extremely valuable experience.” 

When we asked our learners to offer one tip for students who are starting the certificate program, Natasha told us, “Polish up on your Python and people skills. Python will help you get up to speed with the coding aspect of the program, and people skills will help you interact with all of the fascinating students you will be meeting around the world during your group projects.”

Marcin had this to add: “If you decide to start the program, dedicate as much time as possible. Watch all videos carefully and make notes, read all that is recommended, and participate in office hours. This is just the beginning, so the more you invest, the more you get back.”