Make yourself in-demand in tech

Make yourself in-demand in tech

In 2012, the Harvard Business Review named the humble data scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century.

7 years on and reports on data science roles have shown, on average, around a 30% increase in demand for data scientists year on year.

So, what’s so sexy about data?

For companies, a data scientist’s appeal lies in their elusive nature. A good one is hard to pin down and difficult to hold on to.

To be a tech expert, you require a rare combination of skills, like analytical ability, programming knowledge, statistics know-how, and the dreaded soft skill: strong communication.

With Unlimited, you can earn certificates in as many emerging and established areas of tech and coding as you like, so you can build skills for the in-demand tech roles of tomorrow.

Reap the benefits of going Unlimited with five of our top tech and coding courses, and boost your employability in tech today ➡️

We live in a data driven world and it’s important we learn how to make the most of it.

Learn how to use the R platform to manage data and get an introduction to the R software. 

You can use this course to lay the foundations for studying or working in data science or prepare for more advanced courses using data, like machine learning and computational statistics.

Join this course if: you want to learn how to make data-driven decisions. 

Learn how computers work at a fundamental level by exploring system architecture, along with how computers use binary and logic. 

You’ll look at the von Neumann model of computer architecture and the Fetch-Execute cycle, and learn how to build a range of simple circuits for maths, and simulate various logic gates.

Join this course if: you want to understand the processes behind modern computers (from supercomputers to smartphones).

Environmental and climate change evidently impacts our lives, but what role does data play in informing us about these changes to our world?

Explore the use of statistics and data science for better understanding the environment we live in.

You’ll develop data science skills as you complete hands-on modelling activities using real-world environmental data and the powerful programming language R.

Join this course if: you want to understand environmental change through data.

Today’s supercomputers are the most powerful calculating machines ever invented and have given scientists and engineers a powerful new tool to study the natural world–computer simulation.

Using supercomputers, we can now conduct virtual experiments that are impossible in the real world, from looking deep inside individual atoms, to studying the future climate of the earth.

You’ll learn what supercomputers are, how they’re used and how we can exploit their full computational potential to make scientific breakthroughs.

Join this course if: you want to know how we can perform virtual experiments to make real-life predictions.

Big data analytics helps us to understand the huge volume of information our world now generates, as we use analytics to uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, gauge customer opinions and more.

Learn how to evaluate data from different sources with Professor Bela Stantic and Griffith University’s Big Data and Smart Analytics Lab, and explore how big data is being used in various industries to solve problems and shape our future.

Join this course if: you want to identify the challenges of big data analytics and how it can impact you. 

If these courses aren’t exactly right for you, take a look at all of the courses in our tech and coding category.