Making great online courses: 10 insights

Making great online courses: 10 insights

Top 10 insights about how to make great online courses – based on course evaluation.

By Reka Budai, Strategy & Insights Analyst at FutureLearn

At FutureLearn, we take great pride in having high quality courses from reputable institutions and educators. When asked recently in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, 91% of learners said that the last course they took on FutureLearn met or exceeded their expectations. To make sure we continuously improve our courses together with our partners, we have a diligent evaluation process in place that looks at learner behaviour data coupled with learner feedback. The main objectives of our course evaluation are to understand what we could improve for reruns, and to uncover overall patterns in excellent course design. Learners consistently give us the same reasons why a course did not meet their expectations, or why a course was outstanding, compared to other online courses they have taken before.

To help educators who are starting to design courses for online learners, we summarised our top 10 insights from course evaluation.

You can read all our tips on in part one and part two.

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