Meet our learners: Connor

Meet our learners: Connor

Learners are what make FutureLearn great, so we’re sharing some of their stories. Today, meet Connor, an apprentice engineer and learner from the UK.

About Connor

Photo of Connor

Name: Connor
Age: 20
Job: apprentice engineer with the Innovation & New Business Team (INBT)
Location: Bournemouth, England.

How did Connor find FutureLearn?

After taking on a new role, his line manager suggested he have a look, for training purposes. Connor signed up for training and for personal enjoyment too.

“I wanted to improve my skills and knowledge so I could apply it at work. Also for a personal sense of achievement, to reignite the joy of learning and learn more about my interests.”

What’s Connor learning about?


To start with he joined the Business and Finance Fundamentals program to help him at work.

“I had no previous experience of business so it’s all new to me…this looked like another good, effective way of learning and I could do it anytime!”

“Since completing the course on Effective Networking I’ve tried to network effectively as much as I can and had good results. The Effective Communication course has also helped me a lot in terms of delivering my presentations.”

…but also nuclear energy!

Connor also found the course The Science of Nuclear Energy relevant to his work.

“The INBT is about innovating and thinking of new ideas and concepts. The nuclear industry is part of our research so when a course came up it seemed a perfect opportunity.”

What’s next for Conor on FutureLearn?

Connor has signed up to 11 courses! He puts much of this dedication down to the FutureLearn platform.

“FutureLearn itself kept me coming back. The whole setup, for me, is perfect. It’s healthy to learn and FutureLearn has helped me to enjoy doing it again.”

Connor plans to keep learning during his apprenticeship, and one day wants to study for a degree in engineering.

Best part of FutureLearn?

“I really enjoy the comment sections, the discussions/debates can be great to read and/or get involved with. There are some very intelligent people to learn from, not just the courses.”

Inspired by Connor’s Story?

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