New to FutureLearn: download Certificates, pay with PayPal, free Career Advice and more

New to FutureLearn: download Certificates, pay with PayPal, free Career Advice and more

Buy an upgrade or paid course using PayPal

Previously, you could only buy an upgrade or paid course with a credit or debit card. In 2017, we introduced the ability to pay in US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars as well as British Pounds – but this still meant paying by card.

After a lot of research and feedback, we decided to introduce PayPal. It’s available in most countries; it’s popular, secure, and easy to use.

To pay using PayPal, you just need to select PayPal at checkout and click ‘Pay with PayPal’. You’ll then be taken to Paypal’s secure site to complete the purchase.

Download your Certificate of Achievement as a PDF

Before now you could see a digital version of your Certificate of Achievement in the achievements section of your profile, and you could get a print certificate 4-8 weeks after you became eligible (depending on your location).

Now you can print off copies at home because you can download your certificate as a PDF from your profile, making it even easier to prove your learning.

Short clip of someone downloading a certificate

Plus, when you become eligible for a certificate, we’ll send you a notification on FutureLearn, so that you can quickly and easily view and download it.

Create your own wishlist

Seen a course you’re interested in, but can’t start it yet and worried about losing track? Now you can save the courses you like into your own wishlist. It’s simple; when you find a course that suits your interests, click the star to save it to your Wishlist.

Screen grab of the new navigation featuring wishlist.

You’ll get an email when a course in your Wishlist is about to start. You can access and edit your wishlist by selecting the ‘wishlist’ in this drop down menu.

Mention other learners in threads

You can now mention other learners in your comments – this allows you keep your conversations with others flowing.

Click reply under a comment you want to respond to, and the learner’s profile name will appear before your comment. (E.g. @futurelearner1)

Top tip: you can only mention others in a thread, you can’t use the ‘mention’ function in a standard comment.

Get free career advice

Whether you’re considering a new job, promotion or you want to improve your existing skills, our new career advice pages can help.

They explain all sorts of different careers, list some of the skills you need for each and group together courses from world’s top universities and organisations to help get you started.


Screengrab of careers advice page

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