OUA Explained: How OUA works

OUA Explained: How OUA works

You may have heard of Open Universities Australia, but what exactly do we do? How can we benefit you? We’re here to explain how OUA works.

Finding your ideal course

First things first – we’re not a university ourselves. Instead, we partner with leading universities across Australia – long-standing unis with top reputations – to bring you their degrees and single subjects, all in the one place. Whether you’re looking to study at an undergraduate level (usually for uni first-timers) or at postgraduate-level (usually for those with a degree already), there’s no need to sift through dozens of uni websites – you’ll find a huge number of options on our website for you to compare.

If you’re feeling uncertain or overwhelmed, we’ve got an awesome team of student advisors to help you figure out what you want to study, and how to plan it out. Uni jargon can be hard to navigate, so it’s great to have a real person to help you understand things like study terms, subject selection, entry requirements, and loan applications. Nobody said uni would be easy, but with our help, it can certainly be easier to get started.

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So you’re enrolled – then what?

Once you’ve enrolled in study through OUA, you become an official student of the university that provides your degree or subject(s). They deliver your course, and provide your certificate at graduation – it’s the same course that an on-campus student would study.

But we don’t wave goodbye to you as soon as you’re enrolled. Our team of advisors will be there to help you manage the administration of your studies* – things like payment, results, exam bookings and re-enrolment into your next subjects. We’ll be there until the day you graduate.

Things to take advantage of


Not everywhere can you study single subjects outside of a full degree, and only through OUA can you access a study loan to pay for them (if you’re eligible). Single subjects are a great way to ease into study, or to boost your knowledge or confidence in the workforce.


Most of the undergraduate single subjects on offer through OUA are open to anyone – simply enrol and start studying. If you want to study a degree, but don’t meet the entry requirements, that’s okay. These single subjects also serve as pre-requisite subjects, which enable you to become academically eligible to enter a degree program once you pass them. The subjects you complete may be credited toward your full degree, so you’ll already be ahead before you officially start.


With OUA, you can mix up your subject selection across multiple study areas, even multiple universities. This allows you to truly customise your study, whether that be a full degree, or just some subjects to boost your knowledge.

You can learn more about the online study experience by watching our ‘OUA explained’ video series. We’ll take you through aspects like the time-span of your studies, study loans, and the online study environment, to name a few.

Find out more

We hope you’ve now got a better understanding of how OUA works, and how you can benefit from study through us. We encourage you to go explore our courses and resources, and if you need to chat, fill out the form on this page and a friendly student advisor will get in touch.


*Some degrees are facilitated from start to finish by the provider university, including enrolment – but our student advisors can still give you helpful advice.