OUA Explained: Our open-door policy

OUA Explained: Our open-door policy

If you don’t have a strong or extensive academic history, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into uni. That’s the beauty of Open Universities Australia.

We believe that everyone deserves a quality education, no matter who you are, or what has happened in your past. Through us, you’ll have the opportunity to study a university-level degree, or just single subjects if you prefer. Here’s how it works.

Single undergraduate subjects

If you want to study a degree, but find that you’re not academically eligible, it’s not the end of the road. You can become eligible by first studying single undergraduate subjects, and passing them. The majority of these subjects need no application – they’re open to everyone – so you can start studying today.

Once you’ve passed them, you’ll become academically eligible for the degree. As long as you also meet the residency and citizenship requirements, you’ll be accepted into the degree program, and become an official student of the university that provides it. We’ll be there to manage the administration of your studies*, right through until graduation.

Which subjects specifically?

On the webpage of the degree you’re looking to study, you’ll find the entry requirements, which outlines which subjects you’ll need to pass in order to become eligible for the degree. If you’re not clear on what you need to do, get in touch with a friendly OUA student advisor.

Pro tip: On our website, if you click the bottom corner of a subject box, you’ll get a list of degrees which contain that particular subject.

Find out more

You can learn more about the online study experience by watching our ‘OUA explained’ video series. We’ll take you through aspects like the time-span of your studies, study loans, and the online study environment, to name a few.

If you’ve got any further questions about how you can enter a degree program, fill out the form on this page and a friendly student advisor will get in touch for a chat.


*Some degrees are facilitated from start to finish by the provider university, including enrolment – but our student advisors can still give you helpful advice.