Our top courses starting this week

Our top courses starting this week

We’ve got lots of courses starting this week. In this post we pick five great ones to get started on.

Duke of Wellington statue

Isn’t it time you became better acquainted with the Duke of Wellington? Well, today you can get up close and personal thanks to the University of Southampton course Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo. On the course you’ll explore the Duke’s life and his place in British culture and learn all about the famous Battle of Waterloo, using material like official despatches and soldiers’ letters.

Take me to meet Wellington

status of Socrates

Pssh, who wants to travel back to Waterloo when you could travel back to Ancient Greece? If you think modern history is just too modern, then The Open University course Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World might be the one for you. You’ll explore how ancient societies treated disease and understood the body using ancient artefacts.

Show me the ancient world

ethical cafe

Maybe you’re looking for a course that will help you achieve something bigger, maybe you’re even looking looking for a way to make a real difference to the world. If so our Social Enterprise: Business Doing Good course is perfect. Created collaboratively by Middlesex University, JSiE (a social innovation lab in India) and Living in Minca (an international platform to promote social enterprises), it will offer you a wealth of information about social enterprise including: types of social enterprise, the impact of social enterprise and how to develop your own social enterprise.

Make business better

modern building

Whether you’ve watched every season of Grand Designs or you just want to know a bit more about how buildings are being made today, the University of Bath course Modern Building Design has got the answers. You’ll explore how global issues like climate change and technology are affecting building design and discuss today’s design trends.

Go behind the scenes of building

photo of a robot

Drones, home assistants, talking fridges – what’s next, Skynet? Robot butlers? The end of days? Find out with the University of Reading course Begin Robotics. You’ll learn about the history and anatomy of robots, take simulations for a test drive and consider the challenges of building robots.

Take me to the robots

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