Pave your own postgraduate path

Pave your own postgraduate path

The thought of going back to university can be daunting, particularly when it’s online study, and you’ve got a career to juggle. Students often tell us about the barriers that initially held them back from enrolling – sometimes for years. There’s the worry it will be too expensive, the fear of neglecting the kids, and the concern that it won’t be worth the time and effort.

We hear the apprehension around postgraduate study loud and clear. However, you might not realise the variety of options you have, and just how flexible online university study can be. Being a student while juggling other commitments is not easy, however you will build stamina and willpower, and your self-worth will skyrocket, as will your worth in the marketplace. So here are some ways in which we can help you take on postgraduate study and succeed.

Take it one subject at a time

So you’ve got no time? Welcome to the 21st Century! With everything going on, finding time to focus on uni might seem impossible. We know that balancing work and life with assignment deadlines is no easy feat. While it won’t be a walk in the park, online study saves you travel time and puts you in control of your timetable and the pace in which you study.

Better yet is the ability to start studying a single postgraduate subject – as opposed to committing straight up to a degree. You can choose from over 400 university subjects to upskill in a particular area, and decide whether you want to continue. There’s no pressure to keep going, but if you want to, you’ll receive credit towards a recognised postgraduate qualification.

Build your own degree

The flexibility of online uni isn’t just about studying where and when you want. You can also customise your studies to build a degree that’s tailored to you. By providing subjects from 15 different Australian universities, we enable you to pick and choose electives across unis that satisfy your interests or career goals. We help break the mold, so you don’t have to follow a prescriptive or traditional path to gaining your degree.

Manage the cost

While there’s no sugar-coating the fact that university study comes at a significant cost, there are ways of combating the effects. When it comes to fees, several government loan schemes are available. For example, through us you can access Commonwealth Supported Places, HECS and FEE-HELP to pay for your studies up front, and repay the loan later. You can also access loans for single subjects, which is a unique benefit of enrolling through us.

Gain recognised qualifications

Some new students have concerns that a degree studied online won’t be taken as seriously by employers, but nothing could be further from the truth. Australia’s leading universities have moved their courses online, so when you study with them through us, you will graduate with exactly the same degree as if you attended on-campus.

Support if you need it

‘Will I be all alone in all of this?’ is a frequently asked question. But rest assured when you start your course you’ll have constant contact with your tutors and engage with fellow students from all over Australia. You’ll find people just like you, and those who are completely different, all ready to share the online uni study experience. We’re also here to help with study planning, administrative queries and guiding you through your options.


So there you have it. When you choose to study online at postgrad level through us, you’re in control. Take advantage of the flexibility and stress less knowing that you can make it work for you. If you do have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert student advisors.