Prizewinning Miniature Poodle

Prizewinning Miniature Poodle

Sage, an extravagantly coifed miniature poodle, won best in show at the 148th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on May 14, prevailing over a tough field of competitors including a majestic German shepherd, a silken Afghan hound and a proud giant schnauzer.

The Times writes:

Like all show poodles, Sage appears to be about 75 percent hair, with a sumptuous coiffure that rises to a huge pouf above and around her head, surrounds her body in a kind of puffball, and reappears again as topiary-ed pompoms on the end of her tail and at the bottom of her skinny legs, as if she is wearing après-ski boots. She trots daintily, as if running was slightly beneath her.

Did you watch the canine competition? Which breeds were your favorites? Do you agree that Sage deserved the top prize? Have you ever entered a pet into a similar contest? Would you want to now?

Tell us in the comments, then read the related articles to see more photos from the show and learn more about Sage and the other finalists.

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