Soapbox Derby

Soapbox Derby

Last Saturday, students in the Bronx who have spent months designing and assembling their own soapbox cars competed for a place in the Soap Box Derby World Championship.

One winning New York City team will be sent to the championship in Akron, Ohio, this summer to join nearly 400 other contestants from around the world.

The cars were created as part of the school district’s science curriculum. Constructing the cars allowed students and their teachers to take a break from books, applying the concepts of physics and aerodynamics to test runs in the hallways and cafeteria.

Have you ever done a fun or engaging real-world project as a part of a school class? Whether in science, English. social studies, math, art or gym — or in elementary, middle or high school — what memorable projects have you worked on that had an audience outside the classroom? What did you learn?

Tell us in the comments, then read the related article to learn more — and find out about the 11-year-old who won!

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