The Best Travel Destinations for Your 2019

The Best Travel Destinations for Your 2019

Jan 20, 2019

By Philip S.

Travel: there really is nothing like it. Just around the corner, a few hours in a car or a plane, something new and exciting is waiting to be discovered. Everyone has their own reason for travelling, whether it’s experiencing a new culture, taking in some beautiful views, or just getting away from all the things you have to do in your everyday life. The question is never “should I travel?” It’s “where should I go next?”

So, to help you choose your next travel destination, I’ve put together a list of some incredible locations that are perfect for different types of holidays. I’ve tried to include something for everyone, so hopefully one or two of these locations will stand out for you. Check out the list, and start getting ready for your next holiday!

For Photos: Italy

From gorgeous landscapes of lakes and mountains, to sandy beaches and breathtaking ancient architecture, Italy is bursting with beauty. With a few basic photography skills, the perfect snap is waiting for you somewhere in the streets of Rome or out in the Tuscan countryside.

For Fitness: The French Alps

Some people don’t want to get away from it all. If you’re one of those people who see travel as a chance to conquer a new challenge, you can’t go wrong with the French Alps. Spend a few months working on your fitness, then hop on a bike and do a mini-Tour de France of your own in this spectacular landscape.

For Food: Spain

Spanish food is hard to beat. A delicious blend of European, Caribbean, and Arabic influences, there is just something unique about what you’ll find hidden away in quiet restaurants in the Spanish countryside. Just make sure you learn how to order food in Spanish before you go!

For Great Fun: Ireland

With some of the friendliest people on the planet and a truly beautiful landscape, Ireland is an excellent holiday location. Whether it’s having a few drinks in Dublin, taking in the wild Atlantic coastline, or practicing your English in good company, this is a travel destination you will never forget.

For Getting Away From Everything: Norway

If you just want to escape, to get away from all the work and little annoying things in your life, then head to Norway. On top of unbeatable mountains, beneath the Northern Lights or under the Midnight Sun, you can let your problems just fade away for a short while. There really is nothing better for stress management than a little getaway.

Author: Alison Marketing