Tokyo Olympics: Get Inspired, Get Learning, Get Active!

Tokyo Olympics: Get Inspired, Get Learning, Get Active!

If you’re looking for inspiration to get active, then it’s hard to look any further than the Olympics. Once every four years, the world’s best athletes come together to put on an incredible showcase of what the human body can achieve. Over the last week we’ve seen some spectacular feats of physical prowess. Besides the fantastic athletic displays, the other great element of the Olympics is its international scope. Very few world events can bring people from all of the world’s nations together in an atmosphere of celebration and common project. Here at Alison, we’ve always been inspired by the Olympics because we too are a global organisation aimed at inspiring individuals and providing them with an international platform to achieve. This week we’ve been motivated by the example of the Olympics and you should be too! To start you on your way to a healthier and happier life, we’ve coordinated some fantastic free courses to get you moving and feeling fit!

1. Diploma in Physical Fitness

If you’re looking to get in shape but are unsure how to begin then this incredibly popular course is a great place to start. Alison’s Diploma in Physical Fitness will introduce you to the basics of exercise physiology and show you how the body responds and adapts to physical exercise. It will teach you everything you need to know to develop an effective and safe fitness routine that will have you in top shape in no time!

2. The 10 Minute Home Workout

Finding the time to get fit can be just as difficult as staying motivated. In fact, often they’re basically the same problem. This expertly constructed Ten Minute Home Workout doesn’t waste a second of your time. Though it’s only ten minutes long, this compact workout will help you get into a positive routine of daily exercise, which will make it much easier to stay dedicated to your new regime. The time management and discipline that this course teaches means that it’s as beneficial to your mind as your body.

3. The 7 Day Pilates Challenge

Pilates is an incredibly popular workout discipline, with millions of practitioners around the world. Pilates consists of repeating controlled movements in order to build flexibility, strength and endurance. Alison’s 7 Day Pilates Challenge is a great way to start integrating this discipline into your life. Divided into manageable 15 minute workouts, this course is designed for any age and fitness level. The course also includes modules on the physical principles behind pilates, allowing you to get a coherent understanding of this fitness system so that you can perform the exercises more beneficially.


4. Running, Swimming and Strength Training 

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles pose a variety of serious health risks, from obesity to heart disease. A regular exercise programme is vital to staying healthy, both physically and mentally, but regular exercise can be a hard habit to maintain. This Running, Swimming and Strength Training course provides you with a great array of exercises which will work different parts of your body and keep you engaged in staying fit. By changing the exercise you do regularly, you’ll achieve a more holistic state of health and stay motivated.

5. Fitness Tips and Workout Routines 

Constructing the perfect workout routine is only possibly when you have a solid physiological understanding of your body. This course of Fitness Tips and Workout Routines will teach you everything you need to know to be able to successfully leverage exercises to get the most out of them. By learning about muscles, aerobics and energy, you’ll become grounded in the science of exercise and be able to take your your fitness to the next level!