Top Puzzle games increase the mind’s capacity

Top Puzzle games increase the mind’s capacity

It is scientifically acclaimed that brain-training puzzles and games can increase mind’s capacity besides preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s. There is a variety of games that can keep you engaged for hours or just minutes while your brain storms and grinds.

Get smart with the Top puzzle games to increase mind capacity & boost your brain power:

Dakim: Describing itself as a ‘mind fitness program’, the game presents players a collection of puzzles and problems created to give their brain a complete workout.

The players can access over 100 different brain training activities, created to enhance concentration and deliberation. Such mental tasks have demonstrated to have a role in preventing symptoms related to Alzheimer’s. Visit their website to play Dakim for free.

Lumosity: The game presents an ever-developing array of logical and cognitive games created to enhance your effective memory and kindle your brain day after day. The games are created to strengthen your focus towards the presented task and ignore unimportant things.

Enjoyed by over 60 million people, the game is quite popular worldwide. Download the game from Play store or iOS Store for free.



Cognifit Brain Fitness: The gaming app provides players admittance to an extensive selection of amusing, well-created games that are specially crafted by neuroscientists. You can enjoy features like tracking progress and can even do a cognitive evaluation of your performance.

Add and challenge friends to play games so that the exercise becomes a whole lot fun and competitive. Prove that you are the brainiest of them all by downloading the app from the iOS app store for free.

Clevermind: The reason why Clevermind is different from the rest of the brain-exercising games is that is it specially created for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Going beyond just an assortment of puzzles, Clevermind acts as caregiver and manages Alzheimer’s by providing more than just mental training.

The game features medical, social, and nutritional tools offered in an accessible interface along with a digital assistant who guides the players. The game can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for $1.99.

Fit Brains Trainer: Providing access to over 360 puzzles and games, Fit Brains Trainer promises to improve your attention, memory, and brain pace. The app is neatly designed to upgrade to the next difficulty once the player gets better in the game.

This ensures that players are constantly exposed to a new challenge ahead of them thereby engaging their brain in an exciting and daring workout. The app is available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free.

Brain Metrix: Yet another ‘train your brain’ web service, the app presents a big array of games for enhancing IQ, attention, color, spatial aptitude, remembrance, and imagination ability to bring your brain in shape.

Interested in games that builds up brain’s strength and can avert dementia and Alzheimer’s! Go ahead, Brain Metrix fits the bill.

Eidetic: The tagline of the app, ‘Learn and remember anything’ says it all. Scientific research on brain activity has explicitly proved that ‘repetition’ holds the key to registering an information or data in memory for long-term.

Utilizing the spaced repetition technique, the app helps learn and memorize all kinds of words and facts. This broad yet specific gaming app can be downloaded from iOS App Store for free.

Brain Training: This app presents games that are quick to exercise your brain for memory, decision making, math skills, logical thinking. Games also has left-brain Vs right-brain exercises.

We covered most popular apps to puzzle games to increase mind capacity & boost your brain power. In case, if you find a better app, please let us. we will include them in the list.