Udacity Continues with Nanodegree Pricing Tweaks

Udacity Continues with Nanodegree Pricing Tweaks

Udacity Cloud Devops Nanodegree pricing page screenshot

When Udacity originally announced Nanodegrees, they had a monthly subscription price of $200/month. Over time Udacity announced programs such as a 50% tuition refund if students finished the course within a year and a job guarantee program. Eventually, these programs were shut down.

Then under CEO Vishal Makhijani, who took over from Sebastian Thrun in 2016, the pricing changed to an upfront payment model. Under this model, students paid Udacity a fixed price and got access to the Nanodegree for a fixed amount of time.

In May, Class Central wrote about how Udacity went back to subscription-based pricing, effectively doubling the price of its Nanodegrees. Nanodegrees would now cost $400/month, but also include one-on-one mentorships and career coaching.

Now Udacity’s latest model is a mix of both. Students pay an upfront fee for a limited time access and after that it switches to a subscription of $400/month if needed.

Each of Udacity’s currently available 41 Nanodegrees show an estimated amount of time it will take to finish, which determines the upfront cost. Here is how much it costs:

  • $2154 – 6 month access
  • $1795 – 5 month access
  • $1436 – 4 month access
  • $1077 – 3 month access
  • $718 – 2 month access

33 out of the 41 Nanodegrees are either 3 or 4 months long. You can see the list of all Udacity Nanodegrees and their pricing in Class Central’s Nanodegree Pricing Chart.

Here is a brief history of Nanodegree pricing, as documented through Class Central articles: